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Online PC benchmarking

May 25, 2007 0 comments
For example, one I just received this morning takes advantage of fear by informing me that I have had too many attempts logging into my bank account and as a result, my account has been locked out. I'm given what looks like, but is not, the website address of the bank asking me to change my password.

It was clear to me that this is an internet hoakes because I don't have a bank account with the company listed in the email. If I had and was not aware, I would have followed the link, entered my information and given away my password.

Internet Hoakes also come in the form of warning letters. For example, someone might send you a message saying that there is a virus circulating the internet and you are one of the first to be notified. It will ask you to help others by simply sending them an email notifying them of this new threat.

These type of internet hoakes chew up valuable employee time and resources and do nothing more than create a false sense of urgency and unnecessary fear. If it makes it to the news, then rest assured some sicko is having a party celebrating his internet hoakes.

Well this site contains almost all kind of online PC benchmarking Tools.


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