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Putting 'Insert' Menu in CD/DVD drive's Context menu

May 21, 2007 0 comments
Putting 'Insert' Menu in CD/DVD drive's Context menu

We already have 'Eject' in the context menu of CD/DVD drive, which ejects the drive tray. But to insert the tray inside,we've to manually push insert button on CD/DVD drive. There is a workaround which lets you insert the drive tray without touching it physically. Simply by putting the 'Insert' sub-context(as shown in above figure) menu on CD/DVD drives Context menu. For this to happen, we've to call a dll file from our system32 folder.

First of all, download this file and extract it. There will be two files CDeject.dll and CDeject.reg. Now follow the step by step procedures.

1. CDeject.dll -> copy this file to X:\windows\system32 folder (here X is your corresponding drive letter, mostly C:)

2. CDeject.reg -> execute it. It shows a warning message, accept that and click OK.

That's it.

Now, don't touch that drive anymore. All you've do is use the options from the context menu of your CD/DVD drive. EJECT / INSERT / EJECT / INSERT -- funda of life.. ha ha ha ha ha
Idea:Vishal Gupta


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