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Spyware makers sues Spyware removers

May 19, 2007 0 comments
At first, it sounds weird that spyware makers are suing Anti-Spyware companies but that's the reality. In Nepalese context, we've a saying 'jo chor uskai tholo shor' that simply means "a thief who makes loud noises" in English. Now, we know that spywares/trojans-they are information stealers and real threats to PC users. Do we want them on our PC residing without our consent? Of course not. Then why do they bother arguing with companies like ZoneLab,PC Tools?

There is a recent news where Adware provider Zango(previously known as 180solutions)has sued an anti-spyware software developer,PC Tools and it's Spyware Doctor. As a PC user, i'm always with Anti-spyware software developer and regarding Zango's sues, my personal view is totally against them and i regard them as illegal claim. These 180solutions had previously sued ZoneLabs which they later dropped the charge themselves. May be they thought they would loose the case. It's better off to drop the charge.

Astonishingly, this time, Zango is demanding around $35 million dollars from PC Tools, developer of Spyware doctor. Spyware doctor removed almost all spywares around the world including Zango's adware too. And, for this, Zango are quiet angry and they sued against PC Tools. But, $35 million dollar of compensation!!! is that a joke??

I'll update later what will happen to their case.


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