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What women don't like about men

May 27, 2007 6 comments
This is one funny video and Guys if you've girlfriend(i'm not talking about wife), consider watching this video else ignore it.


Anonymous said…
omg! that's sooooo funny!
Can't believe it's an advert for Washing Powder!
Navin said…
prerana, ha ha ha ha.. i love when you smile. anyway, that's an ad of TIDE washing powder.. ting-ting-da-ding
Anonymous said…
Awww! Thank You and Me too! Really love it when you smile, because you don't do it all the time! HEHE.

Ani, I will keep that blue theme of my xanga just for you then la! Malai ni manparcha blue, but I prefer pink!
suraZ said…
whew themes ko dwanda chali rahecha yeha ta.. Gul lai Pink Guyz lai bule.. tara majoritiy blue nai cha kyare...
Ani Prerana ke ho E-Smile dine .. Smile ta mukh le po dincha tapai smile garda ke tapai ko fingers haru pani smile garcha ho keyboard ma??
Anonymous said…
I will always use TIDE from now on.
Navin said…
Prerana, thank you for your consideration. If you don't mind, i'd die to see your blueish photo in there. Is that hard to do? if so let it be else, it'd be "scent on gold" :)

rkk, khai malai ta baccha dekhi nai blue color ek dam man parcha. majority of my bodysize tshirts are navy blue , tooth brush too, socks too, but no shoe (geez).. strange but true

Is tide available here Ashish Bro?

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