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Change web page font quickly

Jun 8, 2007 5 comments
I got few notes regarding the font size of my blog. For some, it's not visibly clear.
Here is the workaround.

Use your

CTRL(key) + Scroll button (of your mouse)

To enlarge font of any web page, CTRL + Scroll Up and vice versa.

To keep it normal, go to View menu-> Text Size and change the setting accordingly(Medium).


Anonymous said…
Yah its useful to resize the fonts quickly. I learned this one by mistake. I was about to open my gmail and then the font size got reduced. For a moment i thought I destroyed gmail.
Nirab Pudasaini said…
hummn why dosent it work with my browser
Navin said…
it should work bro,

which is your browser , btw??

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