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Datexx UltraBattery

Jun 2, 2007 1 comments
Datexx UltraBattery is external battery charger for any portable devices like cell phones, blackberry, iPods, PSP, Nintendo DS etc. When this thing is charged fully, it can give at least 3 days of power to other portable devices. Hence, it's useful during unavailability of AC sources nearby and can prove life saver at times.

Since it can charge so many portable devices, it works through the detachable tips. For instance, to charge PSP, it has PSP tips and to charge other devices, it has relevant set of tips to carry out the job. Therefore, connecting the provided one end of USB cable to the UltraBattery and other end of the USB cable to the equivalent Tips (which is to be inserted on the required devices) seems easy. And, it'll be charged.

Currently this is available for approx. NRS 1750(without Tax). In Nepalese market, i've found similar products but which is chinese made.

Note: Not all tips come along with the UltraBattery package. Only the limited sets of tips come along and rest is to be purchased as per need.


Anonymous said…
wow 3 days samma pugnay charge. Ma jasto charge garna alchi mannay haru lai kam lagnay raicha. but i don't have nrs 1750 hehe

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