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Full web page view in mobile phone screen: Opera Mini 4

Jun 22, 2007 1 comments
Opera launched a beta version of Opera Mini 4. Needless to write, Opera Mini is a free mobile browser. The new feature of Opera Mini 4 is the full display of a web page. Previously, it was partial view of the page, where one has to scroll left,right,up and down to surf. With this new release, one can see all page at once but since the screen of mobile devices are very small and one can't properly see , there is a handle provided with this new version with which zooming in and out of the certain portion of the page is a kids play.

It's in beta. To check its features,

And to try it in phone, go to on mobile phone.

To try it in desktop without installing it in phone, we can check the simulator to find out how it works. It's here

Opera Mini 4 simulator


Anonymous said…
wow cool. aile ta maile opera mini 3 haleko chu abo 4 halnu paryo. tara bytes badi khancha hola ni haina.

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