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GMail Drive

Jun 4, 2007 0 comments
GMail Drive is a virtual drive which sits under the MY COMPUTER directory structure and utilizes your GMail i.e 2000 MB which is allocated to everyone with GMail account.

One can use this space for backup purposes and for any other file management purposes. The only restriction for the time being is that like Windows file system, we can't name our file more than 65 characters. Besides, this Virtual drive is in experimenting phase but it works great.

There are other alternate to virtual storage but since GMail drive is just 146 kb downloadable hack to utilize the GMail's space. I think most of the people would be interested in it.

Gmail drive being listed under My Computer directory

Clicking the drive would need our Gmail Account verification

Once Gmail account details have been entered, it logs in

Gmail Drive properties

Inside GMail Drive

For download and additional infos:
click here

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