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Google misused as a terror tool !!!!

Jun 10, 2007 0 comments
Google Earth is a service provided by Google. It consists of the aerial photos of terrotories sent by satellites. Google Earth is growing and it's updating it's database with the aerial photos of every land,every place,every country it could get. This digitization of mapping of earth could benefit lots of people. It's equally helpful in sorting Geographic location. It's useful in implementing GPS(Global positioning system) too.

But , who knew Terrorists could use Google Earth to plot their scheme. That happened when one Terrorist referred his cohorts to take help of Google Earth's map to carry out their terrorist operations. It came to know that the images provided them were unclear and so one of them advised to take help of Google earths images for clarity and full-proof operation.

The incident is not so far, it's just few days ago when terrorists 'attempt' to explode the John F. Kennedy airport was foiled by US officials.

Needless to say, Google is still a hackers best tool.


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