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Prashant Tamang -A Nepalese in Indian Idol 3

Sep 22, 2007 144 comments
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Here in US, we don't have Sony channel, may be there is but the region where i am, we don't have. Whatever ... am glad to hear that PRASHANT became an INDIAN IDOL.
Update(Sept,12 2007): Prashant Tamang in Boudha
Prashant Tamang is becoming sensation day by day as the final decisive day is approaching nearer and nearer. For his support, lots of people are convincing people to vote for him. People are relating his victory with nation's pride which i don't like. Besides, the communal attachment for him is growing day by day. It's only we mongolian face supporting him in Nepal. Like in Dharan and other different place of our country,people has put his banners, posters showing support for him. Yesterday, it was no moon day and i was lighting butterlamps in front of BoudhaNath stupa and suddenly i saw, there is huge banner of Prashant Tamang. Tamangs of Boudha has done this admiration for him. Normally, we see portrays of religious Buddhist figures being shown that way but when i saw it at first glance, i felt shocked and later realized, it's just some people living in Boudha doing that. This banner reads "BEST WISHES to PRASHANT TAMANG from the people of BOUDHA , Kathmandu.

Prashant Tamang banner at the Boudha Gate

Update (Sept 8, 2007): PRASHANT TAMANG has reached top two position in Indian Idol and it's the ultimate waiting for fans all over the world to see the result. Who would win?? will it be PRASHANT TAMANG or amit? Today, amit got maximum votes whereas PRASHANT TAMANG got more than 50 lakhs SMS votes. Now, nobody can predict who would win because, they both are excellent competitors to each other. After seeing such a huge fan following for both of these titans, it's hard to predict who would win. But still my vote will go for Prashant for he is competing with a trained contender whereas he is untrained. Prashant sang 'Bhigey hoth tere" spontaneously last time. But those judges(Adnan and Javed) didn't step back to fire their harsh comments on him. They've no right to comment him that way at this very stage. May be their intentions is to divert public's vote to Amit and that happened strangely.

Fan following of Prashant

Fan following of Prashant

These 3 judges last time praised Prashant Tamang

COMING 23rd September's night would be massive live telecast of 2 hours in the evening. That would be the end of this years Indian Idol. Sony will market new voice, Sony will market their brand as like it's doing with Abhijeet Sawaant. I doubt if it would be Prashant because, even if Prashant would become No 1 with public's vote, i feel somewhere, that those SonyTV won't let that happen. And, at the same time, i feel, this is the same SonyTV who let bad singer like Kazi Toqir win in Fame Gurukul. Kazi was over-confident stupid chap with bad voice. Prashant is far more better than him. Lets wish GOOD LUCK for him.

PRASHANT TAMANG has reached TOP 3 and Today, Ankita would be out according to someone who has been taking part in Indian Idol shooting since few weeks. According to him, Indian Idol Gala for next week is being shot now, today Saturday,Sept 1st.

Prashant Tamang ,24, whose family background relates to Nepal and hails from Darjeeling is one of a proud singer to represent all Nepalese in one of India's Most popular musical TV Show 'Indian Idol'. Currently, he works for Calcutta police where once his father served. After the death of his father in an accident, he got recruited in his place and is serving well in Calcutta police orchestra too.

NOTE: I've made this Post Sticky considering it's relevancy these days. There is PRASHANT TAMANG fever growing day by day. Let's involve in it. PRASHANT TAMANG be the next Indian Idol. Best of luck!!!

July,4,2007 Update : Added newspaper cuttings showing news on Prashant Tamang

August 10,2007 Update: Abhishek Kumar(who made a short comeback as a guest appearance on Indian Idol's RU-BA-RU programme) thinks only PRASHANT TAMANG deserves to be an Indian Idol.

August 11,2007 Update: Anu Malik admires PRASHANT TAMANG as Outstanding singer/performer and strong candidate to be an Indian Idol.

Prashant Tamang !!! Keep rocking !!! seems you are going to be an Indian Idol

CHAT with Prashant Tamang and Ankita this coming Tuesday, August 14 @ NST 5:15 pm on

Comprehensive blog on Prashant Tamang -
More read inside >>>>

Indian Idol is the ditto copy program of American Idol. All the contestants are musical colossals and are well-versed in their singing talent. There are three judges for this 'Indian Idol 3', Javed Akhtar, Alisha Chinoi and Udit Narayan whose judging eyes can't escape even the minor faults of the singers. Some times they dig more of it. This time i'm watching this show because i came to know that One Nepalese is struggling for his ground on this foreign land who is none other than Prashant Tamang.

Regarding judges:

Javed Akhtar: i personally never liked this old man, husband of sabna aajmi(indian actress) and whose son looks even older than him but ever since, he started to talk for Prashant Tamang, i started to like this old man's comment. This old man is awarded with the India's most reputed award. He is writer,critics and so. But i don't know why this old man is judging indian's singing talents who has nothing to take and give with singing. His 'Dekhiye.. ' is very irritating.

Alisha Chinoy: If i'm not wrong than this woman is not married yet and who thinks herself as a teenage girl. But truly, her voice is amazing and her songs are very beautiful. No matter if a good looking guy has made a minor issues or not, she just ignores them and finds issues on girls singing. Personally, i hate this woman too but i like her songs.

Udit Narayan: This man is chameleon type. He boldly claims he is Nepalese when he is in Nepal and again boldly claims he is Indian when he is in India. May be because of this his dual character, he got two wives. He really got ripped last time because of this polygamy thing. But now, that's settled and he's one of the judge. No matter what, we know he is Nepalese and i'm in favour of him too. He's the man with the golden voice. In indian idol 3, i'm getting irritated with his ' lekin, parantu, blah blah '

Now, if i could, i would have voted for Prashant Tamang too. He is one hellava singer. He is now in Top 6 till yesterday(friday). But i know who is the next Indian Idol this time i.e Abhisek Kumar and my instinct never dodges me. But still, it'd be miracle if Prashant became indian Idol but will they let it happen so easily ?? i don't think so.

Prashant Singing Video

Prashant Tamang in his singing action - Please wait while this video loads

Newspaper News on Prashant Tamang:

cuttings from 'NAYA PATRIKA' (Click for larger view and read)

cuttings from 'SAPTAHIK'(Click for larger view and read)

will put more on next time..

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Anonymous said…
hello friend, your last line has already become true, Reliance comprising of all Bengali people barred all sms sending and thus from voting yesterday. They barred the whole of Darjeeling hills and Sikkim. Really fucked up people. This is how they have been winning the race but now not for long.
Navin said…
If this news is true, then the decision will be biased. It's better to ditch that show.. then..
Anonymous said…
Darjeeling must ditch that Reliance too. Darjeeling has got Nepalese heart. Darjeeling lai Sauta ko choro ko bewar garni tyo chor indian haru??
Navin said…
Nepali music, i just read your blog post and it really saddened all the Nepalese people and their supporters.
Those crooked Reliance must be fucked up.
Unknown said…
wow this guy sings really gooooood.

and reliance sucks from now on.
Navin said…
yeah, but Prashant got selected for top 10. wish Best of luck for him!!!
Unknown said…


ummmmmmmm myaaannnn u guys r soooo rite, n alisha is such a b***h @!!!$#$#$?????? n how much hatered i ve developed toward her isZZZZZZZZ
not jus coz shez talking shit bout Prashant but coz her judgement is sooooo vague n gauuuuuuuuud i wonder if she has ne sense of judgement,as for Udit ummmmmmmm LEKIN....PARANTU........main kuch kehena HI NAHI CHAHATI HAHAHAHHEHEH
Navin said…
ashish, yeap, ..he is good at singing.

srijmyda, we have similar thoughts like yours :) .. visit again
dartee said…
i like the way he removes his mic from his mouth when he completes his line .. and again starts next line ...
Nirab Pudasaini said…
okies few correction hai philey : the show actually has 4 judges ....... i guess you left out anu malik ........... and actually hes not in top 10 but in top 13 :)

i really love this guy singing ....... he got really good voice ....... i agree with the fact that alisha's judgment is biased and she goes for looks rather than voice ....... as for javed despite of being a lyricist i think that he gives better comments than the other two ........ indian idol was more fun while anu malik was around but now he is sick or somthing like that ..............
Navin said…
speed hora bro?? i thought he is in top 10 because, last time there were 6 guys and 6 girls and 1 from each side got eliminated. With that, there are 10 peoples altogether. I think you missed that show. This coming weekend will be tremendous show :)

dartee, exactly.. that's the way he sings which i like too.
suraZ said…
Yo Indian Idol pani pahila ko jastai ta hune hola ni. Lakhau jana le euta vote garnu ra Ekjana le lakhau bhot garnu ma kehi farak nai audaina. I think the unique voting must be allowed rather than multi vote. Prasant is the knight fighting with neighbour nationl hahah cheers~~~ Best of luck to Prasant
NTC le pani tyo voting service ma join gareko bhaye hunthyo. Ani keho Alisha lai matra gaali jhan tyo daka Uditey le ta kasto shatier hanera domiate garcha prasant lai. Malai ta mukhmai pwakka handiyu jasto ris uthya thiyo. Afno desh ko manche lai support nagarera Lekin, Parantu, But, bhancha Dman holy fucker Udit. Teslai pakh bato ma eklai ta bhetos :p :) ;)
Navin said…
rkk, ha ha ha, you made me laugh bro. :)
Anonymous said…
hey is this a nepali site. i mean timi haru nepal ko nai ho? just wondering k.kasto sweet blog lekheko.hehe. damn i love prashant.right from the auditions.resembles a true nepali'll be a shame if they dont let him get to the top. cant believe that jackassni alisha.i mean wat the hell? testo pani huncha? how can she have a crush on that suhit man.commonnn!!!!!!!! he cant even spell metallica .sala kei na kaam k atti! hehe. anyway.. we know who has real talent out there. i hope he gets to prove hai . chill la.
himalayanreview said…
prasant is surely the next indian idol
himalayanreview said…
Navin said…
anonymous, why do you doubt?? we are Nepalese by heart and we live in Nepal and this site is Nepalese-made. and for your comment, i really thank you as you found it Sweet. And , anonymous(i wish i could call you by your name,please write some name next time, a request and i bet you'll still be anonymous even if you come by some nickname) you are right, Alisha is a bitch and this bitch has a crush on Sohit. It was on yesterdays show too when she said " i already started missing you Sohit". She is not paying attention on talent,just on look.

sikkim-my-beautiful-sikkim, thanks for your comments and i just been through your blog, it's very nice. Keep up the good work.
Navin said…
why are these indian Idol crew bringing VOTED OUT back to the show in the name of WILD CARD??? strange but at somewhere i feel, it's not only talent seek, but they want more money from the people who keep sending SMS on and on to their favorite idol.

I found that from within the Indian territory, one can submit the vote online too but for that they've to purchase VOTE PACK which cost Indian Rs 2 per vote. Now, the business is at high for these people.

I used to wonder what if single person donate One rupee and accumulate them, then for our country, it will result 2 Crore 60 Lakh rupees which we could utilize for the development of various sectors of our country. Lets say.. do it every year. But bhaammmmmmmmm... indian idol is doing that business .. they are making lots of money... making billions of billions rupees.

anyway, this is just my feelings.. i still would faithfully vote for Prashant if i were too..
Anonymous said…
prashant has changed the whole idea of indian television . well goodluck prashant
Anonymous said…
well the wild card thingy was bit too not fair at all it was suppose to be wild card round thought that it would be computer generated but nahh it was like the judges favourite pick up hmm very unfair
Navin said…
Anon, you are right, that's what i felt. Why are they bringing back those who are already gone? it has just made the show soooo uninteresting..
Anonymous said…
i heard that ntc also allows sending sms to 2525 ......... i have never tried it myself but my brother says so .........
Navin said…
That's not possible for the time being. I just made an inquiry to them. Negative.
Basanta said…
I don't care about your views about Udit or Alisha, but you are utterly wrong about Javed Akhtar. He is a very good poet and one of the best lyricist in present India. So he is more than suitable for being the judge. In fact he is the most capable judge among them.

Have you ever read or listened ghazals penned by him? Jagjit Singh, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and many others have given voice to his Ghazals. You will admire him.
Basanta said…
And of course, best wishes to Prashant!
Anonymous said…
guys those of u who are out of station. common vote for our prashant. show these reliance or bsnl or whatever company that is causing the problem there in hills that they are not the ones who we depend on. we have others good connection outside darjeeling, sikkim and kalimpong. so why don we take advantage of these. tell your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, boss, colleagues and everybody those who think are your friends to cast a vote for prashant. all will not listen but its worth a try.
after our job is done then we screw that R and Bsnl and whatever thats not giving a damn when our hero performs and they dont care.
what do you think????
Navin said…
basanta, you are right, Javed Akhtar is an icon for Indians. I've heard couple of his songs btw. But i'm not that much fan of him. He may critically analyze and could be a good judge but does he know all about music? that's my concern. may be he has.. pardon me.

PRITI, YEYYYYYYYYYYYY, we all are with PRASHANT. I'm spreading my words from here,chat,irc, everywhere possible. even trying to make some of my foreigners frens in UK to vote for him ... watelse .. we just can expect to see him as a Great Indian Idol.

Todays' performance was rocking.. i really liked all of them.. When i saw Abhisek's versatility, he's awesome, i think he will be the tough competitor for Prashant.

God bless Prashant and may he win..
joshua said…
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Navin said…
Joshua, thanks for visiting my page, i'll certainly check your blog too. You are right, language should not be a problem but when i visited your blog its entirely in Portuguese. I couldn't even find the theme of your blog. I wish you could have one button for language translation which would change the content of blog into different languages. Please, check my blog, there is Googles translation button at the bottom, you can put yourself one. You can read my blog in any language you like. But anyhow, i manages to read your blog, and it's a Portuguese Poet's blog. Wonderful. Keep up the job. !!!
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Prerana aka cupid_gurl, hello, hope you are fine, .. it's(comments) because of Prashant Tamang fever. What to say, every paper, every column these days publishing, making gossips, once in a while every week, so, why not on NET too?? he he.. some of them have written about us too in paper, i felt glad. Anyway, keep visiting !!!
Anonymous said…
Hmmm, I don't know what I think. Yes, Prashant Tamang is Nepali and all that, but he has grown up in an Indian manner so I guess that makes him more Indian anyway because he probably speaks more Indian than Nepali and would probably choose to stay in India, so really, he is like an Indian person, the only difference is that he is a Tamang.

Nevertheless, I still want him to win. lol.

Actually, is that little girl still in the competition? She was well amazing. I wouldn't mind her winning either. I remember when she sang "Beedi" in the auditions, just took my breath away. She was almost better than Sunidhi Chauhan.

I don't like Alisha. Same reason. She thinks she's too young. That new song of hers, well the newest one that I've seen, it's just disgraceful. Something about Just Kiss Me or something. She should start doing some more respectable songs. Even singers younger than her such as Shreya Goshal sing better, appropriate songs than her. I don't even like her songs.

Okay, I have written enough.

Bye Navin!
Navin said…
hi Prena, nice to see you here after long time, i agree with you.

umm.. that song is like " shut up and kiss me" or something like that.. and
'Aap ka suroor' is releasing, you must be excited pretty much. :)
Nirab Pudasaini said…
I like that chineese guy ......... and no offense fab but i dont like that littel girl ............
Anonymous said…
i don't know why, but i 've no support to any of the ladies out there. There are no single lady who deserve to be an Indian Idol. All of them sing no good only okay type. Look at Prashant, look at Abhisek, these are wonderful singers.

that kid Emon, is he expecting to be an indian idoL?? will his eunuch voice sell?? not at all

besides, rest of the gang, they are just participating to make it look like a competition, after all, they all are going back home.

I don't know why that CHANG is there. i don't think his voice is good. If people are voting him just because he is cute or has manly voice, than crap(cow's dung) on their thinking and their judgement. He can't make a career in singing.
Anonymous said…
prashant ko next performance kaile ho? I've been watching indian idol to watch prashant perform tara k ho gardai gardaina.
Nirab Pudasaini said…
ashish bro yo friday hera hai ta ........
Navin said…
this coming friday, all the contestants will give their best shots. last week, it was just boring as hell..
archana said…
jaya hos prashant ko.
all da best!!!
Navin said…
archana ji, hamrai prashant ley jitey hunthyo hai? all the best to him as always..

i saw yesterdays, first GALA and today that little girl called REECHA got out. i was so glad when she left. She didn't deserve to stand even in top 25. But, i wonder, how she managed to stretch this long.

Yesterday, Prashant's song was very hard though he sang it easily. Abhisek's performance was damn good. He was flawless, i think he future's singer.
Anonymous said…
Little girl?
The one who sang Beedi?
Never mind, as long as we still got our Tamang boy in there!

Speed, no offence taken lol.

Navin said…
Prena, i was writing about you on 'My own Rambling' and here comes the angel. pn pn pn
Anonymous said…
i read i read! hehe

Anonymous said…
HE is not Nepali... he is only related to nepal
Navin said…
Yeap, he is Nepalese-Indian.
We are aware of that.
If he weren't holding indian citizenship, he wouldn't have got entry to that show.
Anonymous said…
After going through the various comments I was wondering whether we were voting for the cause of finding an Indian Idol or for finding a Nepali speaking Indian Idol. But after much internal debate I remembered the song (by another Indian born Nepali) "Jaso gara je bhana jata sukai laijao malai.. yo man ta mero nepali ho..."
So finally, I gave up and rained SMSes for Prashant. After all blood is thicker than water...
Navin said…
Anon, that's right,
we're looking for Nepalese-Indian Idol no matter what, we wish best of luck for him.
And thanks for your comment.
Anonymous said…
What's happening with him?
What's the latest news?
Navin said…
He is suffering from Cold and cough. And his performance in past few weeks, they are not good and seems it's degrading. There are other contenders who seems strong and improving every week more and more.
God bless Prashant.
Anonymous said…
Hi guys. well i know you all guys are nepalese but i dont know where you all guys from. i am from York United Kingdom. it's very nice to see your blogs and really a worth spending hours reading them all. of course we all have nepalese instinct in our heart no matter what and on top of that prashant tamang is an amazing singer himself. ever since i heard there is prashant in indian idol i could not keep myself away from being curious to see his videos and news in the internet. lets wish for him and vote for him even though there is slim chance for him to be the one..... lets keep our faith up... Yaad, UK
Navin said…
Anon, thank you for your golden words.
I really appreciate them and there is no doubt, after all we've the
same spirit. Lets wish for him.
Anonymous said…
Yep. He's an amazing singer anyway.
Navin said…
i'm with you Prerana. He's not trained and still look at his performance, what would he do if he gets training?? his contenders are well trained and he,being untrained, is competing with them. anyway, that's the reason why i admire this guy. He sings good. he needs to try more..
Anonymous said…
Teita hai.
It would be great for him to win this. He's young and fresh and Nepali ali ali hehe.

From what I know, Saiyyan means Dear type ko, so yes I guess, Love is kind of right. Mmmmm, I don't know properly.
Navin said…
umm.. yesterday, i watch Prashants GALA,first one is worst and second song was superb.

AMIT has been singing very good lately.

Ankita is mindblowing, she sang BABU JI,JARA DHIREY CHALO so good.

Abhisek, not impressive these days.

Parleen?? he is young guy with very husky old voice. he's out for sure, i guess.

Chang, umm., i don't know what is he doing in Indian Idol. i don't think he's a good singer

Deepali and that other slim girl, i don't like them singing. Puja is very little and has odd voice.

Imon(is it Nod32's Internet Monitor ho ho ho), he's good singer but not mature enough for playback singing.

and rest, i'm not caring about.

Prerana, ... saiyan.. pnpnpnpnppn
Anonymous said…
well i was worried about prashant lest he might get eliminated and eventually the result has revealed that he is firmly safe. but this lately he is not showing what he used to before and that's not good for himself and all of us, his fans across the world. prashant needs to be confident and boisterous rather than pressured as he has the talent. i pray for him and i wish for him ..... please prashant do concentrate on good and very very hard work and be confident to show some extra activeness whilst you're on the stage with that mic in your hand.
....your fan.
United Kingdom
Yad Kasung Rai said…
lets support prashant tamang.
Anonymous said…
Chang... Mmmmm, I don't like that dude ko voice.
Is Pooja that girl who sang Pari Hoon Main once?

Anyways, hope Prashant is still good and going well.

Navin... np times billion.
Navin said…
Anon(Yaad), he is safe i think best wishes of fans like ours is helping him. lets keep up the spirit. i want to see that guy win. But lately, it seems he's not confident at all. He should be acting confident. And those waitress(damn kutti) of the show always calling him she trying to humiliate him??. If she calls him as Sepoy, then call others by their profession too.. Anyways, Prashant has good voice and he should build up more confidence level. My view.

Preranaaa, me too not liking CHANG, dunno why, he's still there.. :) and pooja is that small girl in the gang, who looks like a mouse when she laughs.. eheheh..
Prerana, i pn you very much.
Thulo Dai said…
प्रशान्त दाजींलिङको छोरो
नेपाली बोल्ने नेपाली पढेको केटो
हिन्दी मात्र होइन नेपाली पनि राम्रो गाउँछ।
मौका परे तपाईहरू प्रशान्तले गाएको सुन्न
अवश्य दाजींलिङ आउनुहोस।

- दाजींलिङबाट।
Navin said…
गोक्ते जी, धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद तपाइको कमेन्टसको लागि।
वास्तवमै प्रशान्तले नेपालीको इज्जत राखेको छ र
हामीलाइ उनी माथि धेरै गर्व छ।
अब प्रशान्तकै कारणले दार्जिलिङको पनि
प्रचार भाको छ र सम्पुर्ण नेपालीलाइ खुशी पनि
लागेको छ।
- काठमाँडौबाट
Navin said…
Prashant Tamang sang very well yesterday and what is wrong with Anu Malik, this guy has some sort of attitude problem or what, he blamed him for not singing goood. And i felt this guy as psycho when he commented good for bad singer and bad for good singer. Is he trying to act like Simon of American Idol??
Anonymous said…
Oh yes!
I hate Anu Malik when he does that. I admit he critisises rightly sometimes but he just goes a bit over the limit.
Simon on the other hand knows what he is saying and doing. No judge can be better than Simon Cowell. He's the best.
Unknown said…
Check this url our bro:§id=3&contentid=2007072703183381257e00d50

some kind police case happening
Anonymous said…
Hello Everyone!!

Can anyone post prashant tamang's physical address in darjeeling?

Thanx in advance
Anonymous said…
Prashant in Indian Idol:

Anu malik has really bad attitude (very embarrassing) and need a Courtesy 101 class (beginner's level). Prashant has one of the strongest voice among indian idol contestents. Indian idol is commercial program and all the judges are dedicated to find someone who can cash the name of indian idol in future. They want a winner who can spread the fame of indian idol in future so that their position remain stable and their monetary benefits grow continuously.

Prashant, despite being extremely talented, is a shy person in nature. Judges are looking for an extrovert personality who can attract crowds and are willing to compromise with the voice quality as long as these participants are able to draw crowd's attention.

Prashant has never been trained but gifted with inborn talent of singing and is capable of producing the best of the best in music industry. He is very talented, yet lovable and modest person. I am sure he will not only win the heart of nepali community but also all the music connoisseurs around the world.

Best of luck to Prashant Tamang.

Navin said…
Prerana, thats true. After all, this program is copied from American Idol and AnuMalik wants to copy Simon. that's not good.

Ashish,yeap bro, thats true. I also felt why this indian idol crew always humiliating him summoning 'sepoy' 'sepoy', last time i also saw him being treated and attired as a guard and singing'Mem Shaab,Shaab ji'. That time also,i felt very uneasy for him and cursed those crew but now, i'm thinking it's not only me, who felt that way but whole proud Nepali or Gurkheys felt very bad to be true. That's why a case is filed against Indian Idol show. let's see what happens next. That mini mathur rarely call other contestant my profession but only and only Prashant. Why does she need to say 'SEPOY' 'SEPOY? damn her. She must be jailed at first.

Hi anon, same query here but guess what? anyone in darjeeling will guide you to his location but for his postal address, i think you've to send it to calcutta police. As always, PRASHANT rocks yaar.
Anonymous said…
Man, i really appreiciate you. N as you dislike, i also don't like that Javed sale budho. He also judges critisizing Prashant and Chang coz these guyz are not indian. SO, sala dhotiharulai nepal aayo bhane kutnu parchha. But, wish you all the best Prashant!!!!!!!!!
Navin said…
Anon, ha ha ha,, yup i'm with you dude.
Nisha said…
ya i guess that was just a myth and not true.. about the adams apple! i think its all got to do with the difference of growth between males and females.. i had got that info from a site:) and thought its an int topic for kids.. thats y i put in my kids info section;)as u know kdis get two curious about whats that thing on our throats:)) thanks for the comment on my blog! want a link exchange?
Nisha said…
ya that title will do.. what should i keep yours as?
mr fong said…
Woah you have alot of followers.Love your blog but waiting for yoru new post :)

Take care and Best Wishes!
Navin said…
Thank you Mr. Fong
Anonymous said…
Vote prashant from my side to. Actually I am in Nepal so I can’t vote him.
Navin said…
weyouth, am also from Nepal, and me too can't vote him but i'm just wishing him all the best. :)
Anonymous said…
UK bata vote garnu milcha and Nepal bata mildaina?
That's pathetic.
Navin said…
Prerana, nope. Indian Idol crew thinks they've no viewers in Nepal. They only alloted voting in the countries where there is maximum viewers of their program.
Anonymous said…
Pathetic people ko pathetic excuses! As if anyone would believe that.
Anonymous said…
sorry la .i don't follow this prog.
but i wish him best of luck may prashant rule.
Navin said…
Prerana, tehi ta, .. aba yespali Prashant thiyo, usley jitla bhanera ho ki hamlai voting nadeko?? tara pani, they already announced that voting from some middle-east and UK is allowed because they've huge viewer-base out there rey.. khai, Nepal lai chahi kina chutako hola.

Sulav, hah aha.. may be Indian Idol really thought there is no viewer in Nepal. Never mind anyway. ;)
Navin said…
Thought to liberate from the chains of comments here and create a new post on Prashant instead, but something struck that thought and i felt better be here.

ahhh. finally, Deepali got out. She didn't deserve to be there. She may sing in SUR but has very unpleasant voice to my ear drums. NOw, i'm sure, sooner or later, EMON will be out, Then Puja, then Chang and i see Prashant and AMIT standing face-2-face. It must be very interesting to see them in that stage.. waiting for the day.
Anonymous said…
Oh yay!
Prashant chitto winning! Hehe

Do keep the updates coming Navin!
Navin said…
Okie Prerana, i'll always be doing that.
Anonymous said…
Prasant Tamang rocks n thats for sure that he gona be Indian Idol 3.......n no other can compit with him........
Jai Nepal
Navin said…
Anon, you are right, jai nepal
Anonymous said…
Thank you for linking to my blog, glad you like it! I am going to link to yours too as it is so interesting to read news from a country we don't hear too much about in the UK.
Anonymous said…
yes i like to share youre like in my blog. but you first add then i.
Navin said…
Diane, you are always welcome here.

Deepa, i did link to you . :- )
Anonymous said…
I have created my new blog which contains photos from India that I had taken in various point of time when I was in India. Please Have a look and comment. I hope that you like it.
Anonymous said…
Thank You for leaving comments in my blog

But, the link provided by you does not work there. Can u just check it and guide me to the original link what you wanted to show me?
alisha tamang said…
welll...wat can i say abt prashant..m his big fan..he not only raised up the heads of nepali but also of tamangs..hehehe..keep it up prashant..u will sure b no1..
Anonymous said…
Now I'm stuck.
Well, I still want Prashant to win but I wouldn't mind that much if Emon won.
I mean, yes, everyone is like, oh yeah we've already got Sonu Nigam, we don't need another one but the fact that he is being compared to Sonu Nigam says a lot about his voice and his sining.

But still.
I want Prashant to win!!!!!
Navin said…
Alisha Tamang, you are absolutely right, Though he hold indian citizenship, deep within he still has soul of Nepalese.

Prerana you are right. Emon is xerox of Sonu Nigam. Those program host already started to call him "Chotey Sonu". For Emon,its career-threatening thing they are calling him. May be he sounds and looks like Sonu Nigam, that's why he's being called 'Chotey Sonu'. But industry doesn't need another Sonu Nigam. Even Sonu Nigam doesn't want his contender who would throw him out of the business.

Now, Pooja is out, next would be Chang, and then Ankita. There would be top three according to my guesswork. Amit,Prashant and Emon. Sooner or later Emon will be out too.

Eitherway, it may work like this:

Prashant vs Emon
Prashant vs Amit
Emon vs Amit
Unknown said…
hi bro bro prasant tamang
best of luck ma buddha sange pratharna garchu ki u r the winner

ok sure..............100%

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Unknown said…
very very good

prasant vot for prasant

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Unknown said…
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prasant vot for prasant

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Unknown said…
for prasant vote 100%

prem tamang
Anonymous said…
Yep, malai ni testai lagethyo.
I hope it's between Emon and Prashant.
Amit, hmmmm, khai, I don't know. Voice is nice but not that great.
Navin said…
prm sir, like you, we are all for him . we are wishing and praying for him. Let us see that fortunate day to see him win.

and prm sir, i've read emails where they complained to me that their comments were not published pronto, it's because, they have to go through moderation. That means, i check if someone has written bad unsocial words, if so, i simply deny that and if it's acceptable comments, i happily click accept. Now, sometimes, some friends keep posting on and on thinking why their comment has not been published. So, see, i accepted all your comments and i'm happy to see someone from Afganistan.

Preranaaaaaaaaa.. arghhhhhhhhh.. you are missing my another choice.. Why not Amit Vs Prashant..?? eiiii.. i like only these two singers out there. ehehehhe.. but still i wish Prashant win.. btw, so many girls like Emon, why??? ehehe
Anonymous said…
Emon ko voice is so nice ni and plus hes like a little cutie. With his cute smile, it's like syano baccha ko jasto hahhahaha.
Amit is also good.

Prashant is the best.
Navin said…
Yup, everyone says he's cute. :) but i've my best wishes for Prashant :)
Anonymous said…
Of course.
Hamile aru je soche pani, last ma ta Prashant lai nai support garne ho ni.
Navin said…
ho ta ni!!! i'm downloading prashant's video. :)
Anonymous said…
Kaa bata?
Navin said…

in above link, you can check below to watch his songs and download it.

besides, you can , search on " Prashant Tamang" and voila

all of his videos there . :)

Today is Disco theme. i'm gonna enjoy it ..
Anonymous said…
Let’s see what happened in today’s result episode. Is he coming in top 3 our not.
Navin said…
deepa, malai ta aaja, ki ta CHANG out ki ta Emon Out, jasto lai racha.. hijo emon ley khattam gayo. ehehe.
Chang ko khai k ho soor nai laagdaina, tei pani keti haru chahi vote garya-garya garchan, k ho testo, acchamma laagney.
Prashant aula jasto cha Top 3 ma tara Amit ko performance ley garda gaarai cha.
Navin said…
oh, as i guessed, CHANG is out today.
Next week, it's either EMON or ANKITA. I think Prashant will reach top two. wiheeeiiiiiiiii
Anonymous said…
Please bhagwan, Ankita OUT!
Navin said…
ehehe.. keti ko support garnu paryo ni ho.. hajur.
Anonymous said…
Keti ho bhandai ma keti lai support garne?
Noooooo way. I support the best one who is obviously our Prashant!!!! *smiling*...
Anonymous said…
I want Amit to win now.
(His dard-e-dil to Mini was enough for me to vote him.)
Navin said…
wow, that's pretty impressive thought.

yeap, amit is deserving :)

but i wish still Prashant win.
Anonymous said…
I voted for Prashant asti Friday.
Thank god him and Amit are still in!
Anonymous said…
I would want Prashant to win eventually.. AND,
I can bet that Prashant is going to win!
I love all 3 voices...but what i admire most abt Prashant is that he is not a trained vocalist or singer, and despite severe criticism from the judges, he is calm, he has improved a great deal in singing and his performance, no big drama and tears and no extreme emotion like all other drama kings n queens of indian idol 3 top 10's. He is naively innocent, one singer whose voice makes our hearts melt. General people love his nature, his smile, and are appreciating his efforts.
They know that he is the one who can excel far better if given the opportunity.
Despite all the inside politics going through SONY and what not ( they tried all possible ways to let his popularity down because they want a POP sensation to market their sales.. someone like Emon, who is good looking, and Ankita, who is a solid performer: They made Prashant act like a security guard so that his own fans would turn him down, failed to mention his code and didnt even mention that SMS code is changed after his perfomance in 10th gala, religion/region n nationality biased judges who do not see how far he has come or has achieved but instead try pulling his leg .. etc), it is his soothing voice, gentle nature and carefree attitude that allure the general people! It is not true that only people from his region or his local people are voting for him enormously. The whole of india has this opportunity to choose their IDOL. They have chosen him so far because of these rare qualities that the other contestants do not possess and not just because only the people from Darjeeling or police force or his fans are voting for him enormously.
If given the time and opportunity and even 2/5th of the vocal training that Emon or Amit had, Prashant can become the no. 1 singer in India...
I personally feel that his voice reminds me of kumar sanu and that I feel that i would not miss kumar sanu that much when I listent to him.

THanks for reading...
Jay Hind!
Navin said…
Anon, today you cleared our confusion. We were thinking differently but we are sooo glad it wouldn't have been successful if you guys wouldn't have supported Prashant. Yeah, i agree, definitely, people of India too is voting for Prashant because of his good voice and different approach. And, thanks for letting us know that you guys are against SONY's attitude towards Prashant. He's untrained and still he sings so good and he's at top 3, what would be the atrocity if he is trained after this. He is competing those trained competitors. Thanks for bearing positive attitude towards Prashant.

And thanks for dropping by here.
Anonymous said…
Singing "Kora Kagaz tha yeh mann mera, Likh diya naam iss pe tera"...

After that performance, NO ONE can say that Prashant deserves to win this competition more than Amit. If you think that, then you are MAD!hahaha.

No seriously, that was one hell of an amazing performance and I am IN FULL support with Amit.

His voice is beautiful!
Anonymous said…

His performance was like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY GODDDDD BHAGWAN! HAIL SHIVA JI FOR MAKING AMIT PAUL KO VOICE! When i heard suru ma... Kora kagaz tha yeh mann meraaaaaaa I COULD HAVE ACTUALLY CRIED! ok no, i wouldn't have cried but you know what i mean.

ok i think i need to sleep now.



goodnight navin! npnpnpnpnpnpnpnpnpnpnpnpnpnppnp.
Anonymous said…
Somebody said they will kick those Indians.........Ohhhhhhhhhh. Funny. Those Nepalis and refugees staying in India.....atleast u must know it doesn't shoot u to say that. SALA NAMAK HARAM. NA GHAR KA NA GHAT KA. Its alright I too feel that Prashant is an Indian. Please try to avoid those communal topics. Coz u must know Indians are your father & too God Father. And better know "Bahadur" means Brave and Obv. Chowkidar should be honest to their Malik.
Anonymous said…
Indian Idol-3 is Prashant Tamang.But final is very tuff with Amit,Because he has also a huge fans.
Navin said…
Anon, yeah, i hate talking about communal issues and it's just disgrace for us to treat each other that way. anyway, i felt glad when i came to know that even our indian brothers and sisters are overwhelmingly voting for Prashant.

Yeah, Aakar, there is fifty-fifty chance for both of em.
Anonymous said…
Well thikai bhayo.
Amit le jityo bhanera dherai dherai ramro.

Prashant le jityo bhane pani ekdamai ramro.
Both ways, it's good.
Navin said…
Yeah Prashant Tamang is a good singer, i would still vote for him :)
Anonymous said…
if the contest was on who is the most Simple(simpleton) lets give it away pants down to Prashant, if the contest was on who is the sweetest ( Im going to get diabetes!!!- maybe lets give it to Prashant if we compare to how his fans are potraying him) Maybe he should take the cake, the street, the bakery on being the most innocent guy ( hai hai) but lets face it guys we talking about a singing contest FOCUS FOCUS !! and the Winner is AMIT PAUL ! ( please note that Amit does not lack any of the above virtues but we so do not want to potray him as some kind of sissy guy)
AMIT is also untrainned
Unknown said…
Its just Prashant for me...

Amit is gud but he comes only after Prashant.

If it was Amit VS Emon in the final.. I wud have voted for Amit!

But since our Prashant is in the final .. Hard Luck Amit:-(
I am happy u will finish second though. Amit is far better than copycat Emon.

But Prashant is the best!
Navin said…
Anon, Amit is untrained?? but sony tv marketted him as trained singer.

Prashant, you are right chap, east or west , Prashant is the best!!! If it were Amit Vs Emon, i would have voted Amit.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous! I like you! lol
Nisha said…
hi navin.. i always misunderstood ur tittle as mero gulf:) but its actually mero guff?? anywy you've been tagged by me.. go to my blog to know more.. and hope you enjoy your new task:)
Unknown said…
bhanda bhandai Prashant daju ta final 2 samma pugyo hai. la best of luck to him.
Anonymous said…
Hi friends, this is one of the greatest supporter and fan of PRASHANT TAMANG. I would not have posted this comment here..but i was compelled to..i was going through the article on the front page..what i really did not like was only MONGOLIANS are supporting prashant..i am not mongolian and i support him do my numerous non-mongolian friends. Had only mongolian friends supported him he would never have reached where he is now...When Deepali shouted " Vote for ......" in the concert held in Kathmandu the whole crowd shouted u think only the a particular group shouted... SO WHOEVER WROTE THAT ARTICLE...DEAR FREIND PLZ DO NOT TRY TO DRAW A LINE..WE ARE ALL NEPALESE AND RIGHT NOW ALL THE NEPALESE FROM EVERY PART OF THE WORLD IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT TRIBE, CASTE THEY BELONG TO ARE SUPPORTING PRASHANT IN ONE VOICE..and PRASHANT himself has never given his identity as belonging to any particular tribe..but he has always said I AM A NEPALI GUY....Wash away ur broad...WE ALL LOVE PRASHANT...
Navin said…
pawwan, i take my words back.
I'm sorry if i hurt your sentiments. Prashant rocks. :)
Anonymous said…
Its not just the mongols thats supporting Prashant, I am sure its all Nepalese. Look at the number of people on, out of 168 contributors, about 30 can be defined as mongols through their surname, the rest are bahuns, chettris, newars etc., no madhesi's though.

So I don't think the race is an issue here, I think Prashant being of a Nepali origin is. As presidente Bush would have said, Prashant is a Uniter, not a Divider.
Anonymous said…
This message is for alisha chinoy. Alisha, you are a very rude and disrespectful person I have ever known of in my entire life. You hate prashant because he is of nepali origin and he has mangolian features. It was very obvious that you were pissed off at him when he sang so beautifully in his last gala. For Amit, you gave a several nice comments but for prashant, you were being very hesistant in commenting properly. In case of amit, you would go and hug him on the stage but for prashant, you had no respect in any of his galas. I think Alisha chinoy is a very bad judge and a racist who shouldn't be allowed to be a judge in indian idol anymore. That's my sane opinion of this psychopathic woman, alisha chinoy.
Unknown said…
todays is september 23rd and I'm currently watching the finale of indian idol. I really hope that prashant tamang wins today. Best of luck to prashant dajju.

and a big middle finger to alisha chinoy
Anonymous said…
Best of luck to Amit.

and yes, alisha needs to grow up.
Anonymous said…
i can't believe amit lost.
wasted such an amazing voice.
soooooooooo gay!!!!!!!!!

tyo prashant le nepali geet gaako sunyo? that was totally THE BEST, but amit is still better.

boo hoooooooooooo
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Okay, just because I am Nepali does NOT mean that I HAVE to support someone else who is Nepali.
I don't believe that I should be prejudice against someone just because they are not Nepali.
I like Amit because I think he is a better singer.
I never said that Prashant was a crappy singer anyway. Yes, I do like Prashant aswell but I just like Amit more.
What difference does it make to you who I support and don't anyway? It doesn't make any difference.
You can keep your digusting words to yourself, because I am not going to "F" off and if you are here to tell me to do that then I suggest you do it yourself.
Anonymous said…
alrite all prashant wins...i agree amit is awesome..but who voted for him..? ...though this show is bull shyt now..last tym...indian idol runner up got released his album..still we hvn't got indian idol 2 album...huh..also...just think abt theier profit...for finals..they got 7 crore multiply by 2....14 they give contract for 1 was just final's income...wt abt after all this week..we got prashant..dumb A$$
Navin said…
I didn't know how did that get pass through. Prerana, sorry for publishing words offending you.. i really didn't see what's getting pass through..

Anon, you are right.. that 14 crore is just one week's income, i guess. what about whole months income and the finalist deserves only 1 crore?? chi chi chi.. that's really pathetic...
Anonymous said…
It doesn't matter.

how much is 1 crore anyway?
khameet said…
i feel really bad n annoyed to know this but i am forwarding this message to all the nepalese here cos now the issue is not only bout winning but its bout our pride n identity..this words were said by the RJ and i want ur comments on this n do the necessary because its so humiliating.
Red Fm 93.5 guy Nitin made foul comments against Nepali Community and Prashant..

He said :

Aaaj Prashant Tamang 'Nepali larka from Darjeeling' has become Indian Idol 'with sarcastic laugh'.. and we have match tonight so we need to guard our house / malls / restaurants by ourself as there will be no Nepali People to guard these place and whole night we need to say "Jagtay Raho". He also added that all the Footpath momo shops will remain closed as Nepali guy has become Indian Idol.

Its really disheartning to hear all these stuff...... Called Red Fm the same moment...however... they tried to twist the topic

Its really amazing that...Whenever someone calls them black or what ever.. the whole India burns but they never try to put themselves in our shoes.

We claim to be in the most democratic country and we call ourself democrat but are we treated in the way we are supposed to be???????

If somebody calls Shilpa Shetty "Black" the whole nation is ignited but are we aware of the scenario in our own motherland......

We must make him / Fm station appologize for this..Call Nitin.. 0120 419 35935 or email (Nitin's Boss) and make them feel our presence..
Anonymous said…
i Sent this to them,
Subject: Objection!!!
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 18:08:48 +0000

Hello Mam/Sir,
We came to know that some local RJ of your FM station has tried to discrimite indian-Nepalese population with his irresponsible and illogical comments. You know, not only Nepalese, in our places, some indians are also working as chowkidaar to Nepalese house. Some are even selling sabji,fishes and so. And, we are very sensitive to the words that you people say to us. We've always been discriminited by your people and so do we. Now, the people who sits in media starts to talk crap, then it'll create a whirl of agony and violence. You better fire your RJ Nitin or the days ahead, whatever would be happen , you 'll be the sole responsible for that.Nobody has seen what tommorrow brings but for now, the only good decision on your behalf is to apologize Nepalese sentiments and fire that motherfucker Nitin out of your premises. that's it.
Navin said…
That's very bad, I sent an email to them too. Very bad RJ. He should be made apologize to us if its meant what he said.

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