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Web Operating System

Jun 20, 2007 5 comments
There was a 'hallah(rumor)' of Google Operating System few months ago. I was wondering what it could be and searching through net and i came through strange era being used in net.. Web Operating System.

Web Operating System is something which mimics the real Operating System like Windows, Linux in interface and there are small sets of utilities which we can use to perform our day to day stuff like saving files, keeping records,logs, etc.

The difference is Web Operating System would still need the Base Operating system because it loads off the web browser. So, without web browsers, lets not imagine it's existence.

I tried couple of webOS, i couldn't verify certain features on my browsers because those webOS needed POPUP-BLOCKER to be set free which i didn't like and quit of thinking about it.

I found one webOS which is called CrayThur( and it's pretty usable and not so complicated to use either. Just signup, get activation code and start personalizing your stuff. Wherever you go, there is your OS at your service.

Logging in to the webOS

Main Interface

Note: at first i was confused how to start those icons, but you've to do real double-click to get stuff working.


Anonymous said…
nothing related but which anti virus do u suggest?
Navin said…
i suggest you to try NOD32.

For additional info and download link, check the link below:
Nirab Pudasaini said…
well i would recommend avast if you are looking for a light package and less resource hungry AV but you can also use NOD32 because it really greatest antivirus if constantly updated ..........

I dont thin that Web-OS will be much fun in Nepal because the bandwidth comes at a huge price .........
Anonymous said…
interesting. try gardai chu.
Anonymous said…
it's good, in fact, keeping stuff online is great but don't keep important documents, :)

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