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Giving own email address every here and there on Net is not a good idea.

Jul 8, 2007 0 comments
If any website asks your email for certain verification or for some purposes, you don't need to write in your valid email. You can give them other temporary email address. That 'temporary' mail would be created in no time.

Some people have come up with this idea to fight spam. If you don't want them to send you their periodic mails.. or if you don't want them to sell your email Id to spammer and in rewards start getting holy pack of spam email.., then there is a way.

I'm talking about few sites that will actually do the magic.

Steps(Read these steps and you'll find out what i meant actually):
1. enter your email address to that email hungry site as (for my case) "" ( i don't need to create email account on , just do like that)

2. go to after some time, there you've to enter your email id.. for my case, i'll type in the input box of the site as " meroguff" and hit GO..

3. You'll see the email or some info that email hungry site has sent for you..

NOTE: the message won't last for ever... it'll be only for few hours. Precisely, temporary emails will be disposed after 24 hours for and 7 days for

Caution: If you are paying some sites for some regular newsletters, then using this above tips is not recommended.


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