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'Google' brandname infringement in underground world

Jul 28, 2007 1 comments
Google is master of all search engines, no doubt. I found a search site
similar to google in look.
This search site called DDLoogle is underground search site. Only pirated,
cracked,hacked,nulled,porn,illegal movies,music,games are indexed by this
search engine.
One day it'll be shut down because google will sue it for sure or may be not.
Whatever, it has the ditto interface of Google.Look at those colors on each letters, look at those search boxes. That's what caught my attention.

Search results?? umm.. why don't you try for yourself? i couldn't think of a search string.

Oh by the way, this site is registered by Thelk.Inc at godaddy.


Anonymous said… even Elgoog is better then this site this site is no good.

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