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How to bypass Rapidshare download limitations

Jul 19, 2007 0 comments
If we are true netizens, then there are few moments where we felt really unlucky. Precisely, when some file sharing site restricts us from simultaneous downloading or restricts us from downloading anything for certain period of times. I'm talking about sites like I had faced very problematic moments with rapidshare while downloading files. Sometimes, it restricted me to download more than 2 files off it's server at the same time. The reason is because i was using free service. To get premium services i've to pay them. Sometime, it didn't let me even download a single file. Said that i downloaded enough for the day, what the heck,i felt.

As a common sense, i cleared the cookies and it worked. After few weeks, it didn't work at all. Oh, by the way, cookies are files kept on our machine without our permission by the sites like
It's for storing information about what we do on their site, what we save on their site and other similar things that we do on their site. Rapidshare's cookies kept information about how long we've been downloading file from their server.

Lets get to the business.

hit that Command prompt and flush the dns.

C:\ipconfig /flushdns
C:\ipconfig /release
C:\ipconfig /renew

There is another way to clear the rapidshare informations on our computer.
Simply clear the cookies in advanced way.

Click this link from here.

and voila. Give it a try, you'll surely start downloading files from rapidshare.

here is another site called
to bypass the rapidshare restrictions. i've not tried it yet, but you can try.


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