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MozBackup - A backup/restore tool for Mozilla Firefox

Jul 17, 2007 0 comments
MozBackup is a software for creating backups of Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey,Mozilla suite and Netscape profiles. It makes backup of bookmarks,mails,contacts,history,extensions,cache etc and it's easy to restore this backup too. There may be other ways of backing up bookmarks too but i found it way easy for doing so.

1. Run MozBackup(you'll be greeted with welcome message) and click Next

2. Choose the Operation i.e Backup a profile. We can also restore a profile in later time. But we are here for backing up. So, lets choose Backup a profile option. Select the Firefox version and click Next

3. Now, select the profile as default, select the location where the backup file is to be saved and click Next.

4. Here mark all the relevant options for backing up purpose. Since, my extensions on Firefox tend to not work while restoring, i deselected here in my case, and click Next.

5. Backup will be created and the file is saved with the extension *.pcv
You can backup this file using the same procedures mentioned above instead we've to choose the restore option in step 2.

Download MozBackup here


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