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My artistic instinct

Jul 21, 2007 7 comments
It is now almost 7-8 years now that i've not touched a brush to paint. I don't know why but if i've to paint again, i'm sure, i'm still at it because it's the instinct that will keep my artistic side alive always. The following few paintings are what i did in past. They are not that good but still when i look at it, i remember the time i put on it. My right hand's small finger is curved permanently leaving the impression if it's some sort of disease but i know why is it like this. Because as a child or school goers i was always busy drawing something and painting on and on. This led my small finger of right hand to curve unconditionally. I can't straighten it properly. But, i've no complain. Still, i'm known as a good artist among my friend circle. That's how i'm described to others.

There are so many other paintings i did out of the blue. It's a kids imagination and there were so many others which my friends or relatives are putting it on their sitting room as decorating subject. I feel proud when i see that. They asked and i gave them as souvenir. I was a good artist and i still think i am. I still remember that i painted my primary level's schools wall for free. It was bit colorful and kindergarten type of images on the wall.

Lamp in the night

Abraham Lincoln

Nepalese Temple

Winston Churchill

Sir Albert Einstein

Frozen River

Galloping Horse - I'm proud of this piece



Anonymous said…
wowwwwwww bro. those were really khatra dammi hareeb pics. keep it up. keep drawing bro.
Anonymous said…
You're amazing.
They're all very beautiful.
Mero lagi pani euta hai, Someday, hehe.
Navin said…
Ashish thanks

Prerana, Thanks and of course, one day, i'd love to draw your portrait and present it to you. Do you have that much patience else Printed Photo also would do magic... :) keep smiling and be happy always.
Femikey said…
hi navin! thanks for ur comments on my blogs! i saw ur artistic paintings and its really great! eventhough how long you stop doing the painting and sketch? you are still the artist and it still keep remain in you. I didn't try to paint yet but i would love to try it one day, i still dont know how to mix the colors hehe, im just used to it to pencils and not the brush, but hopefully i can learn to paint with my own. thanks again and keep it up buddy!
Navin said…
femikey, you are a wonderful sketcher
noname said…
You are good in paining and your sense of it as something you didn't do long ago is known. The same is here but with drawing. In painting I am not good. Moreover now my attention is taken by the web and graphic design.
Welcome to the team of art addicted! :-)
Keep doing it! Afterward you feel so rewarded, aren't you?
Navin said…
robas, thats true. and thank you very much for your nice comment.

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