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My country where nothing is right, everything is wrong.

Jul 3, 2007 0 comments
Today, way back to home, i was tricked by nature. Because it was raining like a hell, i put on my raincoat, started my bike and rode back to home. After couple of minutes, at the same ring road, there was no sign of single rain drop. In fact, it was hot mid-day. I was still on with those raincoat. I felt stupid and still didn't bother to pull over and take it out. So,all the way back to home, i rode looking something like a stupid fool wearing raincoat on a hot sunny day.

In the evening, i was checking news headlines on papers :

*Girija Prasad Koirala(Unfortunately he is the P.M of our country) is going to be 84 after few days(Satirically, he never celebrated his b'day and still managed to live that long). Strange, ai??

*Bank Governor is the main defaulter and facing bribe cases(this is how Nepal runs). In Japan, minister suicides just because of the mere allegation of bribery and corruption but here in Nepal? Those bastards reign the country. Girija Koirala is the top leader of those corrupted bastards and he's ruling this nation. Damn!!!

*Petrol crisis again, due to unrest in Terai region and 'dues' left to pay to IOC(indian Oil Corp). I think we are so much laden with debts and loans. Those rascals on Nepal Oil Corp say they've crores of Rupees to pay back but not paying. Why are they not paying? they say they have no profit then what the fuck we are paying for. We ain't using petrol for free. It's their duty to suffice the petrol need of population. Those fuckers are corrupted too as our PM and they want us to pay more and suffer. duh..

*Today, on TV, i watched some relatives of PM's fooled,tricked and cheated so many general public willing to go abroad for work. They ate their millions of rupees and now it has become court issues. This practically proves corruption is in PM's blood.

*I also read that in China, there is 'No-Mistress' policy going to be applied for all high ranking government officials. Pity them, so many tragedy stories, they can't keep mistresses outside when they already are married to other woman.

and so many other stories. I'll definitely share later on.


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