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My Recent Comments Widget fixed!!!

Jul 16, 2007 0 comments
Today, i found my 'Recent Comments' on my sidebar was not working. Upon contacting the author of this widget i found, he has faced bandwidth limitation for loading his script from googlepages. According to his fix, it is clear, now blogger has to load it(this widget script) locally instead of remote loading which i was doing previously.

Here are the workarounds:

1. Edit the template and put the following javascripts one after another just before the < /head >tag,

javascripts are in these following links, paste them exactly to the template file before the < /head > tag of template file. Make sure 'Expand widget templates' check box is ticked.

2. Save the template file. No need to configure 'Recent Comments' widgets from 'page element' windows. It just works.

Also find and remove the following line from the template:

< script src=''
type='text/javascript' / >


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