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Protect your Privacy ! Be anonymous online and save yourself from prying eyes. Complete anonymity Guide

Jul 10, 2007 2 comments
One can ignore this Italicized PARA and start reading from second paragraph
My comp is like acting weird lately. Due to frequent voltage up and down in my area, my comp shut down improperly many times. I had to go somewhere and due to power up/down, after certain load-handling through UPS, my computer was like black,.. power off. Now, i'm sure, it's pretty much the reason for my unstable system. Lots of my important system files got corrupted. My audio driver didn't work well. Right now, i uninstalled it and no sound on it. My modem driver went kaput cause, when i was online, power fluctuations occurred many times and my PC was shut down innumerous times abruptly. So, consequences are sure to witness. I'm witnessing them. After lots of hassles, right now, i'm being able to log in. So many files have been corrupted. Damn electricity in Nepal. Anyways, good thing is i'm attending this comp of mine and leaving no way ON when i'm not around it. And, slowing getting all things back to work properly but as usual, i'm so lazy doing all those stuff at once. Today, i uninstalled so many crap,useless software off it. I just reg-cleaned it too. Tommorrow, i'll start revamping it again. Sure enough, i won't re-install entire XP rig as some newbie rather i'll start troubleshooting each problem one by one.

And, i'm not sure if i should put those things in my head under these writings or should i be posting it in another new topic. But whatever i'm lazy enough to do that either. My main point today is being Anonymous Online. There are certain group of people who think being anonymous online is their right, for privacy sake. And that's true, we need privacy. I don't like someone monitoring all my activities, where i go, what i do, what i eat, blah blah. Same thing goes with online. Those online sites keep track of every visitors, some even make business out of your information. That's no way good. So, if you visit certain sites, they know where you are from and later, to your surprise, you even can't lie. Because they prove you so wrong.

Now,i don't want to put my crap anymore here and coming straight to the point, being anonymous online is nothing hard after TOR evolved. TOR is a brilliant anonymity tool supported by the group of people like you and me. In their language, to become Anonymous online is "Torify". SO, lets torify ourselves and get hidden from those prying eyes.

If you want to know more about TOR, you can jump up to their site, rest here, i'm discussing only straight business.

What do we need:
1. TOR application itself(actually, TOR is the bundle of anonymity tool. Just like WAMP as it is for Windows+Apache+Mysql+Php) . Download it from below link. It's the stable one.

2. Next, install it as usual windows application.

If everything goes right, you should see something like below.
Do you see that Green Onion Icon and 'P' in blue balloon icon. Okay, they are the agents running in the background and they'll be launched on every boot. If green onion goes yellow and blue P balloon goes red, then something is wrong and our Anonymous project won't work. So, make sure, those tray ICONs are just like one shown in above figure

Thats it. You are now ready to set couple of things only.

If you really want to anonymize your internet surfing, for ex. I use Opera, follow the steps in OPERA browser like:

Open Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Proxy Servers. Check HTTP and enter "" and "8118" as port or open about:config and enter "" in Proxy -> HTTP Server.

Before TOR, my actual location

After TOR, new location shown which is not real

Thats it. If you need more info on torifying other browsers, take a peek over here, they have comprehensive guide over there but i'm here just trying to simplify those documentations based on my understanding.

Now, the most important part. This has been a request to me by many of my online friends. How to evade web-based chat ban/zline/kill or any kind of restrictions. To some i described this process in IM but was way to long to describe. Now, i'll give this link to them who need to be anonymous.

I bet most of you use mIRC for chatting on those IRC servers. Start your mIRC and before logging your server, make some changes as shown in the figure below. Be sure, that TOR is already installed and actively running in background.

Make sure in mIRC option,
-Firewall support be set to 'BOTH'
-Protocol be set to 'Socks5'
-Hostname is set to
-Port is set to 9050

I think we're done.

My sole purpose is to protect our privacy and be anonymous. And one Advantage using TOR is that it keeps changing it's location(technically lets say server and we'll be assigned different IP each time). That means, everytime, we reload(exit and restart) the browser or any program that has been 'torified' will show the new address or location to third party. I think we're are anonymous someway. But according to TOR TEAM
Tor's security is improved as its user base grows and as more people volunteer to run servers. Please consider volunteering your time or volunteering your bandwidth. And remember that this is development code—it's not a good idea to rely on the current Tor network if you really need strong anonymity.
Thats true, it still not a fool-proof but it works. And the server that we use, they are for real. If we volunteer on their project, someone will be using our IP or lets say sharing our node with them. This is indeed a team work where virtually many people share their IPs making it very hard for someone to track somebody.

Job is done. And now, if you want to know what this TOR really in depth, since it has done some work for you, then please visit their site and contribute to them if you could. Here's their site:

With this, we can evade bans in IRC ( that doesn't mean we have become some badass on rampage)
we can escape FROZEN stat, BAN stat in Nepalnews chat
We can surf net which are blocked by our ISP or some website. ( some sites or forum block your IP or some even threatens you , that's history now, don't fear anymore, if they disable nick, that's different case but nobody can stop you from visiting any sites in the world unless they are password protected or something like that. )
I used to visit Maoist's site using TOR when ISP banned all their sites.


Anonymous said…
dude u should write about IRC i am so new to it.plz i need to know and so many others.Is it possible to connect nepalnews chat through IRC if yes how?
Navin said…
hi anon, this above link will take you to my old blog where you can learn and have a good grip in using IRC. best of luck.

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