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Saving Protected images/contents from sites with No Right-Click option

Jul 4, 2007 2 comments
Simply keep the Right-mouse button pressed, tab the 'Space Bar' key and then release the mouse button.

Now, the shortcut menu will appear and you can use it to save content.

Try couple of time, because, correct synchronization is needed when you do that to bypass all those No-right-click script. (It works great in Internet Explorer, haven't tried in firefox)

And Another method is disable javascripts and copy all the contents,images, no matter what.

"No-right click"
protection is only way to fool newbie or restrict them somewhat. We shouldn't forget, actually, it's javascript that's making it work. So, disabling javascript would do all the wonders.

As soon as, copying all the contents, re-enable javascript. It's better not to miss web charms by disabling it.

I wrote this post, because, it's weapon against site like mysansar who tries to protect their content and which i don't like much. Information sharing must be free given prior credit to source.


Anonymous said…
It works. It works. Now people will be finally able to save the pictures of hot models from cybersansar.

In mozilla firefox you don't need this trick. We don't even need to disable the javascript. All we have to do is right click and the warning box is displayed. Then press enter and the right click menu is there. Save the hot model in your computer. wallah.
Navin said…
oh ho.. that's great to know Ashish bro

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