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Using Pen drive / removable drive as RAM Memory

Jul 8, 2007 0 comments
Microsoft stated before the release of Windows Vista that one can use the storage space of PEN drive/Thumb Drive/portable drive(whatever it is called) as computers RAM. So, the feature that is known as Readyboost exclusively available only in Windows Vista, can actually use the storage of portable device as virtual RAM thereby speeding up the computing performance.

wiki writes:
"ReadyBoost is a disk caching technology first included with Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system. It aims to make computers running Windows Vista more responsive by using flash memory on a USB 2.0 drive, SD card, CompactFlash, or other form of flash memory, in order to boost system performance."

In Tom Archer's blog, i've found very interesting questionnaire upon this Portable flash drive acting as Virtual RAM. It is a nice read for them who is trying to use their portable flash drive as Virtual RAM.


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