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Adding Audio to my blogger blog

Aug 29, 2007 14 comments
I was finding a way to embed audio in blogger. And i found I signed up there and created username for me to upload songs. I uploaded my first Audio, a hindi song, very cool and romantic song which was sung by Meiyang Chang in Indian idol. I was searching for that song and i found it, listen to it again and again and uploaded it.

This song 'unkahi' is dedicated to Prerana
Right now, i finished embedding it to my blogger post and it is working great. The only flaw i found is there was 'Upload Video' option. I thought 'Upload Audio' would be there but I didn't get it and thought not to bother much. Since my work is done and i can only wish correct such minor issues in coming days. Or may be i'm wrong about that because i need to explore all the contents of this site in time.
Should be 'upload Audio' button, i guess


Anonymous said…
I am smiling.
Hope you mind me putting it in my Xanga hai.
Navin said…
why should i mind?? :)
Navin said…
it's for you and yours :)
Anonymous said…
nice. online audio sharing. needed a place to upload my audio and play it in a flash player since a long time. thanks. NOw i hope that I can post the audio in the hi5 photo comments.
Navin said…
laaa. aba aashish bro ley jhakaaas dialogue diyera, upload garni bho.. hami pani sunum hai?
Anonymous said…
try I use it on my blog...nice blog btw!!!
Unknown said…
You should check out SoundLantern, it's like a "youtube for audios" you can upload any audio. Hope you like it. :-)
Navin said…
Thanks Scott.

Thanks Free Sounds. :)
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Well I to but I think the list inform should acquire more info then it has.
Anonymous said…
thanks an eye to this tips
Anonymous said…
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