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BRAND NEW- Toshiba Satellite 15.4" Widescreen Notebook PC for SALE

Aug 18, 2007 5 comments
Manufacturer's Info:
"This Satellite A215 empowers a rich multimedia experience in a sleek, compact form. The AMD Turion 64 X2 dual-core mobile technology, expanded memory and plenty of storage meets mobility demands while balancing battery life. A brilliant 15.4" diagonal WXGA TruBrite display and a DVD Super Multi optical drive add a whole new dimension to movies and games. Advanced 802.11 b/g wireless technology provides easy connectivity. The Bridge Media Adapter transfers pictures and other digital data."
I'm selling this Brand new piece only for just NRs 93,000.

It's US rate is $999.95. See this link for this price info:

Nepalese Rs 93,000 includes custom,freight charges plus very minimum commission for seller itself. If you look for the similar configuration for Chinese-make, it won't cost you lesser than NRs 1,10,000(Indicative Market Price). For eg. Benq,FOSA etc. Toshiba is Japanese-made and very reputed Brand in American Market.

Other features i found quite notable are as follows:
- 15.4 inch Diagonal Widescreen(Perfect for viewing DVD widescreen cinemas,gaming),16:10 aspect ratio(out of conventional screen restriction),LCD Display w/ TruBrite Technology(brighter screen than available laptops in Nepalese market) and 1280 x 800 resolution

-Processor is AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile, 1.8 GHz Dual-core, AMD-Model is TL-56(can google for it). This processor is built for next generation 64 bit application and OSes. 800 Mhz FSB speed. 1 MB L2 cache. HyperTransport technology works like a fully-integrated frontside bus that increases bandwidth, reduces bottlenecks and enables processors to work more efficiently.

-Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium included as Operating system. During sale, original Windows Vista Home Premium DVD is included for buyer. One can install Windows XP or Linux on this laptop if he knows how to setup OS. It's for geek(also for normal user) and can satisfy any choice of operating Systems. Don't expect to install Windows 95 on it, though.

-This laptop is backed by 2GB DDR2 Memory fully upgradeable to 4GB Memory.

-Built-in High-speed ATI Mobility Radeon X1200 w/320 MB VRAM running on PCI Express x16 video BUS(You can run latest games on it)

-High speed 160 GB SATA Hard drives

-DVD SuperMulti drive: Burn DVDs(8x DVD write speed) and CDs(24x CD write Speed) to share your files, music mixes or home movies. You can even burn DVD-RAM discs—specially-formatted discs that let you drag and drop, or write and rewrite your files up to 100,000 times.

-What i liked personally about this laptop is it features excellent built-in Webcam/mic attached at the top of Screen. One can Enjoy easy video conferencing and live chats with no hassles. Build in Sound Card giving excellent Sound and music experience(Audio in/out port included on the back of laptop).

-And it supports huge HUGE list of slots like ExpressCard/54 slot: ExpressCard is an emerging standard in smaller, faster PC card solutions. This slot is compatible with ExpressCard/54 as well as ExpressCard/34. Use it to add memory, graphics upgrades or security devices.
It is also a portable Media card reader: Seamlessly transfer images from your digital camera, MP3 player or camcorder. This 5-in-1 reader is compatible with Secure Digital, xD, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro and MultiMedia Card. If you've any of these tiny Memory sticks, here is the saviour for all. It'll suck in data off all the possible memory sticks.
Besides, it also has ultra-fast connectivity like One FireWire, one S-video and four USB ports.This lets you connect to TVs, cameras, peripherals and more. It is perfect for next generation computing and will let you remain in peace for another 1 year without no upgrade worries.

-On Network front,it has Built-in 802.11bg wireless LAN (11 Mbps for IEEE802.11b and 54 Mbps for IEEE802.11g standard)which gives you a fast connection to the most popular networks and wireless peripherals. (It's easy connecting to wi-fi internet cafe like one we've in Boudha). It also has other RJ45 ethernet(10/100 Mbps) connectivity,

and more....

Note: This Sale is Applicable only for Nepal.
for more info, please email me :


Anonymous said…
Can I buy it? Haha! Jks jks.
It's very nice though.
Ani why is it for sale?
Navin said…
:) sale for cheap rate :)
Anonymous said…
I always somehow manage to break laptops. I cannot be trusted with them!
Anonymous said…
kina sale garna lageko navin bro.
model "MAN" parena ki kya ho ??
kasai ley gift diye jasto cha ho ??
tara gift ta tesari becchna naparaney.
j hos laptop ramro cha.
tara k garney yaar.
tetro paisa nai chaina..
KISTA BANDI ma milcha bhaney ma linchu ni ta.. 10% down payment..
Manjoor hai kya ??
Navin said…
hoina yaar, yoh model bikena bhaney ma aafai use garchu. Gift hoina yaar. Mero Manchey USA bata aauda kheri Yo model yaha ma sanga cha, yeso ali sasto ma bechum ki socheko tara sarrai mahango bho jasto cha.. business executive haru bro ley chincha bhaney yeso launa kura garnu paryo. ehehe..

khoi yaar, ma aba Nepal ma dherai basdina.. installment ko kura chahi haal lai namilla ki.. :) nirisaunu la saathi :)

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