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Comodo Firewall Pro - The next big thing

Aug 7, 2007 1 comments
I've been using ZoneAlarm since ages. I was reading about Comodo Firewall Pro few moments ago. While reading, i was taken to their site and found that they are offering Comodo Firewall Pro for free. The services,updates they provide along with the main program is worth more than $500 per year, that's what they claim. And, they are giving it us for free. Some sites also claimed Comodo Firewall Pro is better than ZoneAlarm. So, i kept reading their sites for more info. There was an online test which checks on our systems security. I thought to check if my system is compromized or not. I downloaded a tool(Comodo Parent Injection Leak Test Suite) from their site and ran it. There were 3 tests(it seemed to me roughly designed VB forms). Before clicking those three test buttons, i was asked to input something(I typed some data). I clicked first button 'Test 1' and while doing so, ZoneAlarm alarmed me of something nasty being done on my system. So, i denied the request. And then i clicked "Test 2", nothing happened and then i clicked "Test 3" again, nothing happened. Remember, i had entered something on that program. After few seconds, a web page popped up and showed me what i typed as my data before. I was really scared. I mean how did it go to remote server without my consent. I thought at least ZoneAlarm would have triggered some actions, but no. ZoneAlarm didn't notice anything, it failed and the message on that Pop-up site was really scary "This data could be your credit numbers or some other important ", there was the data i typed before test. I was really scared and i'm downloading this Comodo Firewall Pro in no time. I think i've to say farewell to ZoneAlarm , because later when i checked the settings, the settings were set on 'HIGH'. I read there that 'HIGH' settings means the safest settings and safe from hackers intrusion. But to me, it proved wrong statement for the time being. Why is it free? if its so powerful and strong enough to protect our system and worth more than $500 per year and still not charging a penny? Here is the answer??

Where can you download it promptly??(english edition)

And, they have this interesting forum here discussing all about Comodo Firewall.,764.0.html


Comodo rocks and it rules. I totally agree.

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