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Fashion 2008

Aug 28, 2007 9 comments



Anonymous said…
I cannot believe I have to see such things during my lifetime on Earth.
AHAHAHAHHAHA. Funny but it's soooooooo, can't even think of a word for it.
Navin said…
ha ha ha h aha.. yeah, it is funny. very funny.. i laughed like a hell. i mean in the name of being fashionable,people are acting stupid.
Anonymous said…
Nepal ma kaile aucha yesto fashion?
Anonymous said…
ल बबाल। हैन कस्तो लुगा हो।some other word has to be invented for this type of fashion even "ultra modern" won't work
Anonymous said…
Asis, I think it would suit you.
Next time bhetda testai lagayera au la.
Navin said…
ashish bro.. may be in next 150 years. ehhehe.. ahiley yesto garera hidyo bhaney public offence ma khor ma thundincha.. heheh.. ki ta ashish bro or haami jasto hunu paryo minister haruu .. ki kaso.. :)
Navin said…
sulav, hahahhaaha.. ultra modern.. think about ours.. what happen to ours..hahahaha. the shape will be more visible .. ahahahhaha
Anonymous said…
nai prerna ma nalauni. tension huncha.

hami minister bhaye ta babal hunthyo hai nepal.
Navin said…
ashish tehi ta bro.

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