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Fujitsu's 'Nanohole' technology breaking GigaByte barrier in Hard Drives

Aug 11, 2007 0 comments
Around a decade ago, when i was using a MS-DOS 6.22 and some sort of dark-age office applications which didn't have today's GUI rather interlaced/scanlined GUI(very troublesome to eyes glaring for longer time) has evolved with times. At that time, i was taught that Bill Gates once(may be 1980) said that 640 KB ought to be enough memory for anyone. I was using MS-DOS 6.22, had 5.25 inch drive, around 640 KB of conventional memory when hit mem.exe DOS command and no harddrives at all. Everything ran off the 5.25 inch diskettes. Programs were counted on bytes and kilo bytes. We didn't dream of having Gigabytes of hard drive space and physical RAM. But time has changed gracefully.

Right now, i've 2 GB of DDR2 physical RAM on 3.06 GHz HT processor and 80 GB of harddrive space. At the current context, 80 GB is very minimal but that's not bothering. I mean looking back at time, i never dreamt of GB's of drive space but it has become reality now. I mean everything kept increasing. Size of programs,softwares,GHz speed,storage,memory.. everything. There are some barriers though.

Till date, we've read of Terabyte(it's 1024 GB technically) and the structure of our current harddrive will allow us to have only to the limit of 1 Terabyte of storage. There are already 750 GB hard drives in market and they are quite expensive for the time being.

Fujitsu's(a harddrive manufacturing company) 'Nanohole' technology is breaking that barrier very soon in coming days and we'll be playing with terabytes of storage at mere 2.5 inch size of two platters hard drive. Smaller the drive, more efficient and power saving would it be. That's what engineers from Fujitsu claims. The implementations would be Mobile devices and laptops. They say it can occupy 1.2 TB of storage.

To know more about 'Nanohole' technology,..

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