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New National Anthem of Nepal

Aug 13, 2007 2 comments
These days, there is a phrase on everyone's lips , " New Nepal (नया नेपाल) " . Let's start with our New National Anthem. Check the following YouTube Video how our New National Anthem sounds and feels like.

Our New National Anthem has been written by Poet Pradeep Kumar Rai, alias Byakul Maila and music composed by veteran musician Ambar Gurung. This song is declared national anthem on Aug 3,2007 by our government. Old anthem praised only autocratic regime of king and this New Anthem praises our sovereign people of Nepal.

Words were quite hard to understand at first read but once i recited it again and again, it felt familiar and you'll see the beauty of words when it's molded into the music.

Followings are the wordings of our country Nepal's New National Anthem:

Romanized Wordings

Sayau thunga phoolkaa haamee yautai mala nepali
Sarwabhauma bhai phailayakaa mechi mahakalee

Prakritekaa kotee kotee sampadako aachala
Beerharukaa ragatale swatantra ra aatala

Gyanbhumee shantebhumee tarai pahaada hemaala
Akhanda yoo pyaro hamro matrebhumee nepal

Bahul jaate bhashha dharma sanskritee chhan besaala
Agragame rastra hamro jaya jaya nepal

English meaning of our anthem

We are the flowers of hundreds, the one garland - Nepali
Sovereign, spread out from Mechi to Mahakali.

Amazing nature’s millions of heritages
By the blood of the braves, independent and immovable.

Land of Knowledge, land of peace, Tarai, Himals, Mountains
Undivided this beloved, our mother-land Nepal.

Diverse race, language, religion, culture are so large
Our progressive country, long live, long live Nepal.

And, in our own native language(in unicode)
सयौं थूंगा फूलका हामी, एउटै माला नेपाली
सार्वभौम भइ फैलिएका, मेची-महाकाली।

प्रकृतिका कोटी-कोटी सम्पदाको आंचल
वीरहरूका रगतले, स्वतन्त्र र अटल।

ज्ञानभूमि, शान्तिभूमि तराई, पहाड, हिमाल
अखण्ड यो प्यारो हाम्रो मातृभूमि नेपाल।

बहुल जाति, भाषा, धर्म, संस्कृति छन् विशाल
अग्रगामी राष्ट्र हाम्रो, जय जय नेपाल।


Anonymous said…
Wow..that's beautiful. Nice of you to post it for us all to see. The only anthem I know is from my own country.
I think people forget the signifigance of the pride and beauty behind national anthems and the deeper meanings it holds for us all...thanks for sharing it
Navin said…
Morgan, same here, i only know of my own country's anthem.

Our new anthem took birth after martyrs committed their life for country.
and thanks by dropping by here,

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