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Site on Nepal Bandh( Nation-wide Strike Schedule)

Aug 14, 2007 2 comments
It's ironical to see site like

I am personally not mocking the site but the reason of it's existence. Why do we need to have site like this which shows the Nation-wide strike schedules? It's because of the leaders loosing it's credibility and irresponsibility responses it releases from time to time. Then the only way to draw their attention is to organise events like Nepal-wide strike or closure of all offices/businesses across the country.

Now, imitating such acts, even some groups started to make this 'Bandh' happen so frequently for even a small cause. If a taxi driver is insulted by a traffic police, whole traffic is halted by taxi driver union. If a waiter is fired out of job, a whole waiter's union come up and beat the Hotel's manager and then All Nepal Hotel is closed forcibly by them. These are very few examples why so many strikes are taking place.

I'm not totally against this because, if government doesn't listen by words, the only method is to make them heard either by halting whole system or by violence. It's the government whom i want to blame for their irresponsibility.

Well, i don't want to pollute my blog with political issues anymore and yeap that's true. Unlike normal calendar that we use to mark out certain holidays and special occasions, is an online calendar to mark out when and where a strike/closure is taking place.

Bandh, also a Nepali word meaning 'closed', is a form of protest. While often means the closing down of markets of a city for the day, but there have been instances of entire nation coming to a standstill.

This site has well served it's purpose. Because, so many times, i felt so bad when i left out of the house and found everything is closed. This is not the only case with me but with whole citizens. Without prior notice and due to immediate Strike, people often find themselves into horrid situation. Thanks to , it is somewhat helping us to find what is going on next and so help us to manage our time or may be postpone our schedule at easy time.


Anonymous said…
Pretty coool idea someone has got..
Navin said…
Yep bro, it's very helpful. Yesterday there has been a fight between Maoist Student union and Congress Student Union. I didn' tknow that because there was a chakka jam today. I came to know from this site todayh.. geez. :)

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