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USB Necktie Cooler

Aug 10, 2007 2 comments

This little nifty USB device is perfect for white collared executives during hot summer days at office room. While sitting in front of the computer, simply plug in the device's one end to USB port and wear the comfortable silicon tie on at other end and be cooooool. The tiny fan on tie starts sucking in cool air as soon as it's plugged in and forwards it towards inside our body. Pretty enticing? hai??

The cable of this Japan-made device is approximately 140 cm and the entire USB Necktie Cooler costs precisely 2,980 Yen(i don't know how much will it cost in our country's context with tax)


Unknown said…
khatra usb raicha hehe
Navin said…
I really liked it, and wished i had one like this with me.. real geek stuff

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