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Ycopy - Intelligent File copying Tool

Aug 27, 2007 0 comments
According to Ron White,
"File copying tool is great for large scale copying and will skip files it can't handle without coming to a halt.

You have to copy a few hundred gigs worth of files from one place to another. Because this will take a few hours, you decide to take a long lunch while the files migrate.

Three hours and four banana margaritas later, you return to find the copy operation choked on the tenth file because the file was open on another screen, or had an error, or was read-only. All your computer has been doing while you were gone is display a message asking you what to do about it. This is when we know computers are not like people.

Even the dumbest human would put aside copying that one file until you returned. So will Ycopy. When Ycopy finds a file it can't handle, it makes a note about it, and moves on to the next file. When you get back from lunch, you still have to do something with the recalcitrant files manually, but at least all the other files are taken care of. "

Download YCopy.


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