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Linux mouse and unique Mobile phone strap

Sep 7, 2007 0 comments

Nothing special and geeky but this mouse may interest someone who is linux fan. Optical USB mouse with scroll wheel is something common with any other mouse. The only thing that differentiate it with others is it's look. The penguin look.

This is a mobile phone strap which flashes the light when in ringtone or vibration mode. I think it would be cool to put the phone in vibration mode and see the light blinks when someone calls.
Different colors of bulbs are available and it's avaiable for $12. Few years ago, in Kathmandu too, people were so crazy about putting those lighting stickers in the back of their mobile sets. It costed around Rs 150 back then but so many people complained about poor network coverage, fast battery drainage and health risk. I don't know if people use it these days too. But this light bulb strap looks bit different and it's working only under two band frequency(1800/1900 MHz) on GSM phones.


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