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Lufthansa Airlines to carry Broadband internet by the end of this year

Sep 19, 2007 0 comments
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On Sept 14,2007, when i was leaving my country on a plane, i really didn't know much about the luxuries am going to have on board. Those cute air hostesses serving diet foods on regular interval is something i really appreciate. Besides, the video watching sucked bigtime. I had 3 flights and one left me with much impression. It was CHINA airlines from Thailand to Taipei. Seats were very comfortable and moreover we had that little geeky touch screen attached with the seats where i could play games,watch movies(i guess recorded and customized by the airlines itself), and view GPS position of the flight realtime. The only thing i felt lacking was Internet.

Back to home in San Francisco, took rest for couple of days due to jetlag. And now, finally i'm back to normal and adapting to environment out here. I was still wishing if those flights would have internet access so that i could do online things, reading news,chatting with buddies,checking mails and so.

Well, Lufthansa Airlines(Germany Airlines) has first come up with the idea of carrying first broadband internet service to all it's planes and for free to it's passengers.

Free Internet Card on board

This Innovative idea has marked Lufthansa Airlines in the pages of history as the first airlines to boast broadband internet onboard. Since Germany(Lufthansa Airlines) has made deal with BOEING on this respect, i'm sure in coming days,more and more airlines would provide the same service. Lufthansa is currently giving this trial service to selected flight routes only and by the end of this year, it'll be the full-fledged service to all of it's passengers.


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