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Sep 7, 2007 0 comments
Intel Sued by DualCor

California-based ultramobile PC firm DualCor Technologies sued Intel of misappropriating the DualCor trademark, last week. Did you know DualCor is patented trademark other than Intel's?? I didn't know but just came to know that DualCor was in an effort to get the trademark since May 2004 and officially, the U.S. Patent and Trademark office granted the trademark in July 2006 to DualCor. Intel knew all this and still they marketed their Intel 'Dual Core' PC a year ago. Now, Dual core has become very affordable, it's Core 2 Duo's time and right now, Intel is marketing it's Intel Quad core CPUs. Will Intel pay the compensation to them who is suing them?? Time will tell us. After all it's cut throat competitions all over the globe,not only in this business but in every kind of businesses.

Apple gives $100 back to iPhone customers.

Strange but truth, Apple created lots of hype for their most wanted first mobile phone venture called Apple's iPhone. It is combination of their most powerful OSes, IPod player and so. Everyone jumped up and paid whatever Apple asked for. Some even sold it for as big as $3000 on ebay. That was ridiculous for me to read. I wrote in my blog about their sale in US. People were so crazy to own this iPhone. Despite all this, later on different news made headlines that Apple was charging double the price of the phone's manufacturing and parts costs. May be people were starting voices against it and remarking negatively. As soon as after 2 months of it's first Sale, Apple started to sell iPhone at a price lowered by $200. Now, this reason was enough for old buyers to fume over this Apple's policy. They felt cheated and bombarded Apple's Sales support with complaint emails which was filled with anger and anxiety. So what, Apple is giving back $100 to those old buyers who showed keen interest in buying Apple iPhone and Apple Chief Steve Jobs somewhat kindly convinced them that technology is something which we can't rely on forever. That's right. It's so very dynamic and i insist that one should not buy the New launches pronto. Let's wait for sometimes and may a buy. There is a pleasure buying Newly Launched products but if you are someone where money matters, wait for sometime and buy the same product in later time.

Gone are the days when Dual core or Core 2 duo ruled, it's the time for Quad Core processors (गए दिन दूअल कोर र् कोर टू दूओ प्रोसेस्सोरको, अब जमाना कुअड़ कोरको )

Few days ago, Intel released the first quad-core processors called Tigerton based on Xeon 7300 chips. Obviously,Xeon chipsets are used optimally for servers need and this Tigerton is also targetted for server enterprises need. Quad core usually have power of four power processor with megabytes of Cache memory. But, when i see our own Scientist's creation then i think these quad cores are nothing. Because, Muni Bahadur Shakya made a computer which operates at the power of more than 16 powerful processors. He integrated 16 cpus within a single board and he made gigabytes of memory to fit in several slots on the same single board. It could process a calculation just within a half hour which could take 8 days of penetrated processing on normal powerful desktop computers. Although, it's irrelevant to compare our SuperComputer with those server based Quadcores which they market as the latest and hi-fi processing beasts, Quadcores are not the new things. That's my point.

Yahoo acquires Ad Firm BlueLithium for $300 million

I sometimes feel, what these tech industries are upto. As soon as they see someone growing, they immediately buys at latter's dream price. Google has bought so many internet services at their dreamt price. As soon as they see, something is making leap and creating hype, they promptly buys them. Its the matter of the fact, that they buy everything related to online business. I don't know if it's for increasing their market scope or to suppress potential competitors, whatever it is, they are spending hellava of money like free river water. Recently, Yahoo bought an AD Firm BlueLithium(california based) paying $300 million. Whow.. that's a huge amount. I wish i could establish a new innovative online firm, be as popular as one could imagine and wait for some day for the offer from big IT giants like google, microsoft or yahoo. Geez.

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