Top Nav : Work of personal vision based on the art and craft of thangka

Sep 26, 2007 2 comments
I think now, i'd be able to blog frequently. Finally, the project that i'm involved into is over. is what i've been doing all this week.

Don't forget to check it, how it has been done.

From the site:
"The Tibetan word "Thangka" refers to the flat cloth on which paintings are produced and by extension to the images and paintings themselves.

The Tibetan art of Thangka painting is at once a folk, traditional, and sacred art: folk because it is an expression of what is essential to the Tibetan people's culture, aspirations, and principles of living; traditional because it is taught, studied, practiced, and produced according to an established, precisely transmitted body of craft and contemplative knowledge which is, in turn, a vehicle for the essence of Tibetan Buddhism; and sacred because its form and content make of this phenomenal world a manifest "bridge" to, or expression of, the inconceivable, primordial, ultimate Reality, from which (as the Tibetan Buddhist tradition teaches) "all dharmas" arise and return."


Anonymous said…
It is a spiritual object and a way to for explain about Buddha’s ideals.
Navin said…
Yeah, that's true indeed. We can have as many definitions as we like. After all, it's depicting Buddha's divine knowledge and messages.

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