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UK Visa Office in Nepal hacked,embassy email login/password compromised

Sep 30, 2007 1 comments
Well, the title is not just to draw attention of my readers but it is just the part of whole news and it's the reality.

Someone with the name DAN EGERSTAD(swedish) who calls himself Freelance Security Consultant(infact, he is the guy who hacked embassies's senstive login details all around the world. He's truly a hacker and he calls himself some Security consultant. I think after this he surely will get that job, best of luck for him) published usernames and passwords for more than 100 email acccounts of various embassies and governments around the world. He posted all this sensitive login details few days ago on his blog and now, it's not there at all. He deleted that post. The post read this way which will return NOT FOUND if you visit out of excitement(drop your excitement..plz :)

May be he's afraid of federals,CIA or interpol getting behind him, he has publicly issued a press release that he has no intention to break in. What he wanted is just to alert the computer security of government offices so that they could take proper initiative to strengthen their online data.

Of the compromised accounts, 10 belong to the Kazakh embassy in Russia. Around 40 belong to Uzbeki embassies and consulates around the world. Login details for email accounts at the UK visa office in Nepal were also posted. Login details for the foreign ministry of Iran, the Kazakh and Indian embassies in the US, and the Russian embassy in Sweden were also posted.


Anonymous said…
Wow what a person.

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