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Oct 4, 2007 22 comments
Do you have excellent high speed broadband internet connection? When i was back there in Nepal, my internet connections sucked bigtime. Almost all ISP's(except SPICE NEPAL.. GEEZ :> ) out there suck bigtime. It's my wonderful experience here that am being able to download almost 100 MB file in 10-15 minutes. Thanks to high speed internet connection over here.

With such a high speed internet connection, i can watch online TV , online movies and videos and so many other streaming multimedia contents.

I use ONLINELIVE, a software which let me watch/listen to almost all FM stations, Pay TV channels and even Adult Channels(which i've no interest on). If you've excellent internet connection, you can download this from anywhere off the net. Just use google and download it for your service.

I'm not going to refer to warez contents that let us download unlimited movies,songs and video but some people from Australia have created something like PEEKVID.COM. In this site, you can view many full movies of every genre and short video clips along. One thing, they don't have latest movies and it's just some popular movies out there. I even found few hindi movies out there. According to the site owner, all the contents are not uploaded by them and they say they are no way responsible for any illegal contents out there. It's just the users who registered and uploaded them. Just like YouTube. And, i've to confess PEEKVID.COM is not nicely layouted. WHENEVER YOU SEE SOMETHING IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING, LOOK UP AT THE TOP-RIGHT CORNER OF YOUR SCREEN and CLICK 'SKIP THIS AD'.

And, there is another site BOXSWEEPER.COM . Same like PEEKVID.COM. Hope you'll enjoy watching your favourite videos and movies online. And, one more thing, it's stupid to expect high video quality streaming out there.

If i come across some interesting sites, where you can watch video contents, i'll update this post.

For the time being, have fun. :)


Anonymous said…
Ohhh yeah.
I use for a few serial haru. It doesn't have much but the quality is really good and clear.
AngrySam said…
Hmm. good post!

here's one I've been using that is pretty good: - give it a whirl.

favorite feature - rss feeds for every video...

Navin said…
Prerana, that one is very nice, though limited, it has got excellent qualities. i tried to watch Heroes and it took me to PRISON BREAK movie :)

AngrySam, thanks for your nice info. It really is great site.
Anonymous said…
oh... cool you should checkout too.. good source 4 many vids n especially 4 anime fans like me -_-
Navin said…
hey KIRA, wow.. where have you been hah?? you never send offline messages to me now-a-days?? what's this hah?? are you so busy that you're forgetting your broda?? anyway, never mind. .. and oh.. by the way, cool sites.. thank you for referral. eah?? umm.. very good.
Anonymous said…
I am using OnlineLive. Not having satellite television my on line TV allows me to see at a very low price up to date films that are not even on DVD. The site allows me to add to my favourite channels and has a very comprehensive guide to search all the TV channels. It has a rapid response support help desk along with a lifetime of free updates. The site is always being updated with excellent films. It is well worth the money.
Irina said…
OnlineLive is complete data base for watching TV and radio online. More, this is the only one that I found who has a large collection of movies that seems to be always updated. You have to try it to can find the qualities of they features.
Navin said…
alexis and irina, thanks for your informations, i'm checking OnlineLive.
Anonymous said…
Easy of use, lot’s of TV and radio channels, movies, TV shows, cartoons and anime. This program seems to have almost everything in entertainment domain. Even the music stored in my computer I can listen it using this player. Not bad at all.
Navin said…
Glad it helped you with
Anonymous said…
hi guys i came across of this site i really found a very good information about movies on this site, such a website for i like visit many times to this site to no more about movies , thanks for the author for providing me
Anonymous said…
this is very interesting site and i am glad to author.
AKRai said…
I came to know about Mero Guff it seems to be very very informative as well as helpful those who are not computer shabby like me. Recently I had a problem with my computer .It is infected with a malware/virus or something that comes automatically in internet explorer whether you open it or not with a warning of "YOU HAVE A SECURITY PROBLEM " and "ALERT! You have a security problem ! Do you want to scan your computer for viruses? " and if you cancel it instead of not exiting then scanning for virus from and other several websites like etc invades me. I have the screen saved of such invasion I can send them to you . Will you please help me to get the best treatment. I tried with Kaspersky and quickheal it didnot work.
AK Rai Darjeeling India
AK Rai said…
AK Rai adds:
If you give me your email id I will send the saved Jpeg images of the invasion screen type.
Navin said…
AK Rai,

You check two of my blog's link okie?

1st Link2nd LinkIf you read these two links, one thing is common, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

Download that, follow my instruction, that should remove all your virus and malwares,trojans whatever you've in your computer but PLEASE GO THROUGH MY INSTRUCTION ON ABOVE TWO LINKS.

AK Rai said…
Thanks !
Ill try to do as per your guidelines but my Comp has pirated Windows Ms and other softwares as all have in India. Will it help me? Once I tried to update Windows some downloads and my PC crashed.
AKRai said…
I could not download the software completely it was downloaded only of 615 KB out of 2.8 MB I tried both versions of March and April from Why it is so?
shazia said…

found this site that is better that any movie site I have seen so far, I think you guys should add it to the list. I watch movie on this site all the time. The quality of the movie is the best online. I love the selection too, honestly it's one of the best I have seen so far.
sonypinto said…
Hi guys,

Watch Free Online TV Channels from all over the world and select it from entertainment music news education cartoon sports movies games information etc.
Anonymous said…

Guys, Download that, follow my instruction, that should remove all your virus and mallards,Trojans whatever you've in your computer but PLEASE GO THROUGH MY INSTRUCTION ON ABOVE TWO LINKS.we can enjoy with your friends.

Enjoy yourself.....
Anonymous said…
AK Rai
Though I didnot get answer from u I think that was due to ur preoccupied task. I couldnot help myself and I had to boot it again and again finally it was solved and i manually deleted the file where the malware was located.

Anyway thanks for ur suggestions .
By the way can anybody help me to answer this query. How can I paste JPEG photos/images with captions etc in email without attaching any such files?
shazia said…
This was a very good movie! it surprised me on what happen! i will be sure to buy it when it comes out. I’m glad that people make movies that my family and I can have family relaxing time together.

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