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Good Old version: Because Newer is not always better

Oct 9, 2007 1 comments
Sometimes, when we upgrade certain programs, in the hope that it would get us something new and beneficial, instead it brings on sorrows and series of more expenditures to make. Lets take a scenario, someone upgraded his/her old software thinking he/she is not up-to-date with the world and just after he/she upgraded, he/she starts experiencing slowdowns, memory-hogs, program crashes and so. It's because, not always new things are better. If something old is giving us what we want, then why to upgrade and bear unnecessary problems?

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Few months ago, when i upgraded some of the programs on my pc, it worked good for some moment and started to create havoc thereafter. The most serious problem with the most 'updated softwares' is that they don't keep up with old hardware. Thinking to run Windows Vista on normal mediocre P4 is invitation to nightmares. I just talked about OS but this rule goes to every single software running as service on someone's PC.

Sometimes, it's better to stick with old thing, umm old software. They work great and they consume less system resources. If someone likes old softwares,can check this out. Older downloads available for all the newest buggiest bloatwares.


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