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Santa Cruz downtown street festival

Oct 3, 2007 2 comments
Last weekend, we're just visiting places and there was street festival going on in Santa Cruz downtown. Lots of cars were modified into different things. People were gazing, staring at those wonderfully decorated pieces. One car was like lady's heel. One car was shaped like a pumpkin and so. Our attentions were drawn by guitar strings being strummed. We went to that direction and found some band was testing their instruments and microphone. After that little wait, i managed to record their performing video on my mobile phone. I enjoyed when i was listening to that band. Later, many people started to dance on their music. You can see that on this video. In the middle, my bro thought their song resembled to hindi music. I think he murmered that somewhere in this video.

some band performing

This car was decorated in such a way that it looked like a motherboard and chipset came out of the PC cabinet and took a shape of car

Same car covered with innumerous Chips and IC boards

This is the only car that drew my attention. It looks nice. eah?

..and at last, he really didn't like what he did !!!

This guy is who did taking all these video and snaps out there. lol. that's freaky me.


Anonymous said…
Freaky you?
Now that isn't a nice way of describing yourself is it! lol
Navin said…
you are right, but if i start to describe good about me, people will think i'm self-centered person.. ha ha ha ha.. so i never talk about myself. :)

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