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Street magic and Shakira

Oct 16, 2007 6 comments
David Blaine's Street Magic and Wonderful Shakira.
(please click the 'read more' link below)

And Shakira??
well... it's a parody.

Shakira is my FavFemSinger but whoever did this, i didn't feel anything bad. Because, even Shakira must be laughing watching her parody. ROFL


Anonymous said…
That was major majorly funny!
That dude ko stare was soooooooo funny!
Navin said…
ha ha ha. he's acting David Blaine. Famous street magician. :) whatta
Anonymous said…
ha ha ha. kya dami. lau kha david blain.e
Navin said…
these guys acting.. david's staring is so cool.. ha ha ha
Anonymous said…
well i like shakira. her dance woowwwww.
Navin said…
lol, yeah, her dance with that mud on her body.. ha ha ha. it's even more hilarious

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