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Download everything off FTP

Nov 7, 2007 2 comments
Imagine if you could download all latest linux flavors, all windows freewares, all songs and music, mobile phone manuals and softwares, all antivirus software till date,all the computer ebooks, server softwares, programming stuffs.. well, i'm not promoting any warez or illegal stuff but what if someone has put it in his/her own ftp server giving anonymous access to everyone with little FTP knowledge.

What you need:
You need ftp-ing software like SmartFtp
the remote ftp host server is:
no username/password: (anonymous access)
Folder to jump in:

That's it, folk.

Keep downloading!!!!


Anonymous said…
Hello, Nice to meet you here. If anyone could share some FREE softwares related tools. Probably they need to take out their own money to get hosting first.
Last time I do found a chinese language ftp sites. Seems like now the ftp sites are closed.
Navin said…
This one still works :) Merdurian :)

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