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Gmail Inbox mails dissappearing mysteriously

Nov 16, 2007 2 comments
Jeneane Sessum writes in her blog that her Gmail inbox has been completely wiped out.
Is it technical flaw or something else?

It's not only Jeneane Sessum, but there is a entire thread and forum dedicated to discuss why people's Gmail inbox mails are dissappearing.

To get more idea on it, ..

check Sessum's blogpost here :


Lucason said…
Miss Sessum should probably just use a stronger password, change it more often, and make sure not to cache her password in other peoples browsers when visiting guest PCs. I'm with Google on this one. It is so much more plausible that someone maliciously or accidentally logged on to her account and deleted all her messages. The fact that the chat transcripts and the sent mail weren't deleted doesn't contradict, but actually reinforces this theory. Most probably she just forgot to log off somewhere and someone didn't notice they were on her account. They probably thought"what the hell are all these messages in my inbox and deleted the lot." I'm sure the same would happen to me if I used my mother-in-laws computer to read my Gmail. IT is totally unfair to blame Google for this!
Navin said…
Lucason, you may be right. And Miss Sessum may be right too.

But, i'm not against Gmail. Though,few weeks ago, gmail acted up strangely. Firefox/IE didn't open any mail in the gmail inbox. Either, i had to do refresh and click the same mail twice to read or i had to use Apple's Safari browser to check my mails conveniently. (i checked almost on 3 different computers and IE/Firefox both acted weird. Albeit, Safari didn't give me any problems)

Silently, the issue had been solved and i can check gmail normally on all browsers now. That problem might have gone unnoticed but whatever, it was acting weird.

and, regarding this disappearing mails, something technical flaws are there for sure.

so, my conclusion is gmail is not without flaws. It behaves differently on different browers. That's my experience and may be some hackers(black/grey) might have exploited or it could be as simple as you've mentioned.

And, checking mails on others computers? it is safe till you logout and don't put the click on OK button to remember passwords on others computer.

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