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My Google PageRank!!!

Nov 16, 2007 18 comments
Did you know who are the masterminds behind google? Well,.. it's Larry Page and(i forgot the another name...)Serjey Brin(after little google search, i found Brin)

PageRank is named after Larry Page and he's the one who first thought of the first sleek super search engine.

Anyway, to get detail idea on Page Rank's working pattern, again.. GOOGLE it. But, if i've to describe briefly, Page Rank shows how popular your site on the basis of number assigned to it. Google's pagerank is limited to numeral value of upto 10. If some sites have 7/10 PR, they are extremely popular. and someone has 0/10, that site is not popular and not optimized for google. I can't say that for just released sites. There is exception for newly launched sites. PR has to be earned, it's not something to be assigned or given. If my site has unique visitors growing day by day and the backlinks to my site is not fake but quality content-rich, then my PR will grow. High numbered PR also shows that site is optimized for google. And whoever does the relevant search, there is maximum chance for site with high PR to appear first. This is my understanding. If you want to learn the core technical aspects of Google's Pagerank, then you've to search it on Google. You'll learn how complex it's algorithm is.

The reason, i'm writing this post is because, lots of people are seeing unexpected declination to their PR(PageRank) status. Some even reached 0/10 from their earlier PR of 4/10 or 5/10.

I checked mine and it's still there where it was before. My blog has proudly attained 3/10 PR. ...

I can see the number of quality visitors growing from the script that's silently watching my visitors(respecting their privacy). I had to make silent and invisible on my blog because some commenters were real nasty and leaving harsh comments. I really needed to find them and that's why i put silently. Right now, the bottom) is showing the number of visitors but deep within, feeds me with the all informations i need, like IP address, location, ISP,time of visiting .. everything.
I mean, i know the real truth(truth that real visitors visiting) and i deserved PR of 3/10. Besides, the linking links in my blog are also not the AD or cheated scripted links to get higher search position.

People must understand that Google is growing intelligent day by day and respect it's policy. Trying to trick the google policy to get high earn rate or high search position, is detrimental in long run. I found such other sites whose PR gone down, were using some sort of tricks or altered methods on their site.

I tried to find other sites who lost their PR on google.


Anonymous said…
wow not bad... within a year you can get 3/10 award by Google
Anonymous said…
my site has just launch last month...and I optimized it how much time should I get a pagerank?
Navin said…
Merdurian, never knew i could get an award too.. :)

rhyan, you are already getting lots of hits, i guess.. i think within few months, you'll start seeing pagerank. you blog is nice with great stuff :)
Anonymous said…
yeah that nice.
Anonymous said…
ya meroguff got PR-3, ourktm got Pr-2. And as far as I know pagerank only helps urls to be included in the google search faster. The traffic of the site mostly depends upon it's quality and not totally it's pagerank.
Anonymous said…
Good that u have PR of 3.. i lost from 4 to 0.. within a month.. may be the same may happen to u if its the first update for ur blog ...

i have around 1K visits a day still the PR is 0 .. i dont know the reason
Navin said…
deepa, thanks.and yeah, it's good to have PR

ashish you are right bro. i have same conception.

hem bro, doesn't matter even if i loose the PR to 0 some day. :)
Anonymous said…
I guess u already lost the PR to 0 .. google is hitting everybody hard..
Anonymous said…
Sorry .. i checked in the wrong site.. u still have 3.. ;-)
Navin said…
yeah, HEM Bro, some sites have problem connecting and retrieving PR data at times,

instead of,i should have reviewed

which let us check the PR of 10 sites concurrently. it's dynamically updated and very nice to look into PR comparison of different sites
Anonymous said…
Yes you have page rank 3.......but why to worried abt it???'s sure that ur pr will increase instead of decreasing......and it's so easy to check pagerank........just download googletoolbar.......hehe...enjoy..
Navin said…
Aakar bro, dhanyabaad(thank you a lot) for your suggestion :)
Anonymous said…
Can Page Rank depends on number of Visitor that visit our site.
SEO Solution Web Directory India
Navin said…
no.. page rank works differently.. read this my article again :)
Anonymous said…
i have page rank 0 and want to increase.
how can i do it??
Navin said…
etechcheck, it's lots of quality search engine friendly contents and patience, that's what ranks the page. high..

First submit your sites, write quality content, link to popular sites, post every here and there, make people know about your view, words and if they like.. the cumulative link generates on your web pages and that's how you get good rank..
Anonymous said…
thanks navin
PR 3 is great !! I have recently started my forum and waiting for PR 1. It may take around 6 months to one year. We need to be patient. Keep it up and get PR 4 soon !!

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