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What happens if a Meteor hits Earth

Nov 20, 2007 8 comments
This one is real scary imagination. What happens if an oversized meteor hits earth?
Please have big breathe before watching it.

I think whoever did this, they rightly calculated the catastrophe it would bring. May be the entire dinosaurs era were wiped out because of some incident like this.
Japanese Documentary on what happenes if Meteor hits Earth


Anonymous said…
whenever I get to read such articles it dramatically grabs my attention. if i am not wrong you must have posted this one the other night.I recollect the memory of the time when I saw the movie Apocalypse.It just scares the shit out of everyone.Please do keep posting such articles about Universe's component!!!!!!!
Navin said…
of course, lovsang!! keep visiting this blog
Anonymous said…
erm... quite long for me to finish load the clip @@
anyway... everyone will be the victim whoever near the meteor
Navin said…
i think whole earth could be affected if that happens. merdurian, try loading from different browsers, this video will nearly chill you .
Anonymous said…
But I believe that destroying teh earth is not that easy. Meteors don't hit us, they go and hit jupiter cuz it's gravitational pull is higher :D
Navin said…
Ashish you are right, however scientific research shows that every 1 million year, an oversized meteor hit earth badly. Crushed rocks and particles of asteroids daily hit earth with no impact.
But lets hope our earth be safe for ever till sun and moon is there as people say. :)
Anonymous said…
If this were to happen there'd be nothing anyone could do about it. Why speculate or concern yourself with something like this? It's truly nothing within our power to prevent from happening.
Navin said…
scientists speculate so that they could put their brains for the solutions. anyway, i liked what you say, you are right.. no one can do anything for the time being if that happens.

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