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Dec 31, 2007 11 comments
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 to all of my readers. My 2007 year had been the worst year of my life. And, i wish nobody had days/months or say year like that. May this coming New year 2008 bring all the happiness and joy to your life. GOD BLESS ALL OF US.

ahhh.. 2007 introduced us so many innovative products and technology. I was like WOW when i came to learn about them.

Gordon MooreWe all know, according to Moore's law, every 2 years, CPU's processing power will get doubled. But, these days, every 6 or 8 months, some bits of power is being constantly added to processing power of computer. So, it's not much of concern to me to state some high speed latest CPU and feature-loaded motherboards as the best product of the year or so. From single CPU to, Dual Core to Core 2 Duo to Quad core CPU, need for more power and speed is growing. I know it's going to grow more and more till the day when every common home user is not messing around with today's Super computers. I've also seen and read about prototypes of future computing. Few of them are like the concept of wearable computer, fuel cell(to backup days or may be months of worry-free extended use of any gadget at single charge),breakthrough plasma screens technology,apple iPhone, microsoft surface etc.They are not released yet.

But the most innovative product which is about to change the history, the way people are accustomed to is AMAZON KINDLE. This is just my mere thinking and i believe in it. I'm kindda guy who observe tech products and newer technology with full conscience and try to analyze them with the perspective of benefit for entire mankind. iPhone,vista,surface,n50.. these are not the best products for me, they are the most hyped and marketed gizmos and it is for sure the people would flock to get on the queue midnight before the sale next morning. I would call them, best hyped product of the year rather than best product. Of all, i admit iPhone is pretty good phone with the touchscreen and with elegant look but that wasn't too alluring for me. TouchScreen is not the new technology and TouchScreen is not Apple's patented technology. And, iPhone is not the best tech product of 2007.

My vote for BEST TECH PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2007 goes to AMAZON KINDLE: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device. Kindle is about to change the way we read books. I'm sure, paper books will be replaced by gadget like Kindle and this mini-notebook sized gadgets surely gonna draw lots of attention in coming days. Paperless reading is indeed a good for environment, and i wish people stop cutting trees and make paper out of it.

To know more about what/how/where about this eco-friendly Kindle, kindly check the video below:
Meroguff votes AMAZON KINDLE as the BEST TECH PRODUCT of the year 2007

Few months ago, i was fascinated with the similar ebook reader called iRex iLiad mobile eBook reader and wrote about it. But it had some drawbacks.

And, THE WORST PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2007??? i better not write about it. Nobody takes initiatives to be the WORST. It's just being unfortunate and not being upto the expectations. Reading Best and Worst tech products of the year all around the Internet is fun. I don't know how much did they get to put some product at TOP or how much they didn't get, it's all within them or may be my speculation is just mere the figment of my imagination, i'm no way related to any company and am not accusing anyone. I'm not endorsing any product of the company either. I'm just endorsing the idea behind the technology. It's not out of scope to think that very soon(may be within few centuries) we're having cars which could fly, doing inter-planetory travelling.. this is again speculation of my wild imagination...

That said, once again HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR and May all your wishes be fulfilled.


BroTee said…
I got to your blog thru Entrecard. You've done a great job with the blog and I love the layout.
Happy New Year.
Navin said…
brotee, thank you for your comments. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO
PRENA said…
2007 worst year for you????
Navin said…
ma birami bhako? birsyo? kaanchi ley??
PRENA said…
Kasari birsine ni. Would never ever forget that.
Okay, other than that, good year haina? haha
PRENA said…
I am sure 2008 is going to be an amazing year for you, you deserve it all the way!

Oh yah, Happy New Year!!!!!
np x
WaiKee said…
Hi Navin, Happy New Year 2008. OK for the WORSE Technology of the year of 2007 will be VISTA for me HEHE you know why? because VISTA need at least 2GB of RAM to run as smooth as XP!! WinXP just need to use 1GB of RAM to run it!!
Navin said…
merdurian?? really?? wow.. pleaseee. dont' say that.. microsoft is my dreamjob.. ehehe

anyways, i ran vista on 512 in Nepal, Aero effects disabled with the power of vista in hand..

right now, i've 2 GB ram with aero effect enabled.

you are right, vista isn ot up to the expectation, doesn't mean it's that worst .. anyways, it's personal opinion, i don't want to alter yours.. :)
and vickie.. happy new year to you tooooooooooo,
Anonymous said…
Hi navin ,
happy new year
wish evrything will be better
can i make translator on blogspot?
I'm just a newbie
Navin said…
Amelia ,yeah, you can.. :)

and happy new year to you too..

and you know, i'm also a newbie.. don't worry. we're on same boat. i'll share with you whatever i know
Navin said…
Thank you Karoly Domonyi, for being so kind to me.
I'll definitely have a look on your sites. :)

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