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Men and Women: Shopping!!!

Dec 31, 2007 4 comments
In terms of shopping, guys are just straight forward but about women??..i found something which is just as true as it could be.

NO OFFENSE!!! Please


waliz said…
no offense hahaha..but if i go alone i will do my shopping quickly but if i'm wth friends it will take longer and i get bored to death waiting for thm to choose things thy like..i think i'm the opposite !
Navin said…
wow.. really?? are you sure?? may be you are timesaver and not like typical women.. i adore you :) if so
PRENA said…
that's probably true.
i love shopping.
i spend hours.
and hours.
and hours.
Navin said…
Prena, really?? but you are right.. you never know how much time you spent inside shopping mall unless you exit ??

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