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More Funny pictures on my blog

Dec 31, 2007 8 comments
One more addition to FUN section. Really, hilarious, absurd pictures. Hope you would enjoy.
The Great Expecation

Perfect signature for forum and CMS

What could be linux then?? any idea??

That's britney posing for ALLURE mag

Her bald head has grown hair.. woww


waliz said…
hahaha very funny....
Anonymous said…
Funny man.. btw .. when i opened your page.. i was scare by the sound and.. i had to close and check which page is autoplaying sound... coz i had lots of pages open .. finally it was yours.. anyway goood song..
Navin said…
waliz, same here, laughed out for sometime..

Hem, bro, =autostart='false' by now.. it's because, some old browser automatically played the file when it was supposed to be played only a post is entered. IE6 couldn't handle one ID class i defined whereas all latest browser executed that class. pretty buggy!! anyway, keep visiting and sorry for you scared!!
Aakar said…
very funnyyyyyyyyyyy............ happy new yr 2008
Navin said…
Aakar bro, happy new year 2008 to you toooooooo
Navin said…
hahaha, kukhura ta uthena??
Anonymous said…
haha lol

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