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Nepal to go REPUBLIC

Dec 23, 2007 8 comments
Finally some rays of hope seems digging in. My country has gone through lots of turmoil. It was indeed a time for some initiatives,some change. I really hated top leaders for making my country their playground of their own benefit and selfishness. I always wondered, why couldn't they stand up from their party and do something for country? Country's benefits should've been their top-most priority than Party's. But whatever, finally, i see some hope. Because, to save their grounds, they have to go with people's decision and they passed an agreement to declare NEPAL a people's country, Great Republic Nepal. It's gonna take some time though. Because, there had been so many good promises made and laws passed but not implemented properly.
After further cabinet meetings, date for Constituent Assembly Election would be fixed and the first meeting on the Election will stamp the validity of Republic Nepal. For now, Nepal will be declared 'Republic' on papers and Book of temporary Constitution. The deal will be considered sealed when Election date is fixed and first meeting of the entire representatives in the Assembly will be held approving all the commitments they made previously.

Lets hope for better Nepal. JAI NEPAL!!!


PRENA said…
yayyyy thats really good!
let's see kasto huncha...
Priya said…
yay gyanandra(did i spell that right? >_<)no more! *cough*die*cough*
Anonymous said…
lol, do you really think that nepal becoming a republic will solve anything? do you really think that the so called "loktantra revolution" was for the benefit of the people. The ppl who went on the streets for loktantra were fucking fools, ignorant fools. the so called leaders of nepal had done what when they were in power before the king took over??and do ppl think appointing them back into power would result in anything different?

politicials are fucking hypocrites. I HATE HYPOCRITES. fucking liars.

well let me tell you what I think about converting nepal into a republic, its done because it will give the fucking politicians much more power to be more corrupt. and to a more dangerous point, it will tear nepal into small pieces and might even create a full blown civil war.

tell me what have the politicians done to make our lives better?? reliable electricity, water, petrol????? they are all busy finding ways to put more money in their own pockets.
Navin said…
Prerana, yeah, lets see what happens.

Kira, you spelled it right :)

Sam, you are very true. but, we've to have some change at least.. going republic is not only for leaders, it's for us. You are right, there will be some friction between royalist and republic and that may cause some sort of civil war but after all, when every group's voice gets heard, there is the solution after all. I think those leaders will be off the earth within next 20 years and the rays of hope is upon us. New generation!!! I'm imagining my country as developed and modern. Time will change us all. Let's hope for better result.
Anonymous said…
WHAT CHANGE?? its still the same and will continue to be the same. nothing will change in regards to how the politicians operate. I fear that nothing positive will come out of it.

I am not for the king, infact i dont give a shit about the king or the fucking politicians.
how long do you expect us to wait? I can't, won't wait another 20 years for any changes but the sad part is I,We can't do anything.

I really don't care if nepal is modern or developed, that doesn't change he way people think it (which i feel is he most important part). I wish it was like in the old days (lichawi, malla) period. time won't change anything. the whole world is a great example.

@prerana, we (well not me) said the same thing when "revolution 2" happend. how long are you willing to just wait n see. open your eyes, no matter who comes into power or whatever happens in nepal, nothing is going to change period.
Navin said…
Sam, i can feel the frustrations. Leaders were supposed to lead the country to better place but in our case, it's opposite.

But, why do you want country to be like of old civilisation? any reason behind??

One big problem:, political parties are not upto the benefit of country's need but for their own party's benefit. May be they wanted to keep the good credits with their so-called party.

hell with them..
Anonymous said…
actually this doesn't just happen in nepal, its a global thing.

life would have been much more simpler. no traffic jams :D

political party is just a name. every single political party, be it communist, democrat etc all function the same way. politicians don't look for the benefit of their party either, they look for their own benefit period.
Navin said…
To some extent, you may be right

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