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Prashant Tamang's Debut Album 'DHANYAVAD'

Dec 10, 2007 3 comments
Prashant Tamang has become an icon and we as Nepalese are so glad that his new album 'Dhanyavad' has half nepali songs and half hindi songs. 'Dhanyavad' as in Nepali means 'THANKYOU' in english is the due tribute to his nation since he named it after polite term or phrase we Nepalese use most of the time, simply 'DHANYAVAD'.

This is his first ever release under the contract with 'SONY BMG'. Sony BMG has released his music video 'Zindagi pehli kabhi' and which is on air these days,getting high chart on most of the indian music channels. His soft,melodious and soul-pleasing voice has furnished even more and we can feel it on his songs.

There are some songs he has redone and i bet with confidence that he's sung better than original singers. You must listen to 'Nepali ho', 'Hoga Tumse Pyara kaun' and 'Musu Musu' to feel that new yet better singing experience.

His first music video 'Zindagi pehli kabhi'


Listen all the songs from his debut album 'Dhanyavad'(inside)


Anonymous said…
bro.......for second i thought songs won't be as cool as original songs(yesterday). But today on the way to college on the micro bus I listened to "musu musu "....and then other song accordingly. And now my mind is totally if you can show me the link for download.
deepa said…
But I am still in waiting for his first video as Indian idol-3
Navin said…
deepa, video is right on this post.. please use firefox with javascript enabled or can use IE..

His video is right on this post

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