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I announce my New Blog

Jan 25, 2008 8 comments
Past few days, I was busy as dog to start my new blog. Actually, the domain name was bought around a year ago and since then, I just experimented with it with nothing useful to tell about. I was actively participating in this blog of mine(meroguff) and still I am. Now on, I'll be maintaining two blogs at a time.

Meroguff will be more focused on everything related to tech,fun,reviews,gossips and so, whereas will be strictly and strictly related to tech only and I'm glad to see that within a week of working on it, I'm getting lots of visitors. I didn't even promote my blog at all and visitors are already flocking in. I submitted my blog to one blog network site today and it's waiting for approval. I'll do this in coming days with other network sites too and I'm sure, will draw the attention of many. visitor stat,today

The major difference between Meroguff and would be the engine they are using. Meroguff is totally based upon blogger engine whereas is proudly running on latest wordpress 2.3.2

One more thing, I should take a note of, is that would be independently running off it's own server. I've managed to load videos(good bye YouTube) from my own server and even managed to load shoutbox script from my own server. So, everything and everything will be running there using my paid server's resources. I'm glad I did that.
Previously, I had some favorite videos on YouTube and somebody deleted the video, at that time, I felt that I should've downloaded the videos and stored somewhere on my box. So, I learned that and I've installed a YouTube Video downloader script on my own server. Now, no worries, I'll get whatever YouTube videos that I like, download it and upload it to my own server instead of linking it with YouTube's server.

So, this is my new blog,
Hope you'll like my new baby :)

Thank you for reading :)


Anonymous said…
Congrats and all the best for your new blog
Navin said…
Thank you Hem bro
jamezu said…
Hi Navin,
Wow, you have lots of blog :) This particular blog is very informative, nicely done, the tips are very useful.
Navin said…
Thank you bro :) thank you :)
waliz said…
hi navin..i'm glad everything has turned well for you..congrats...i will visit yr new blog soon..and i really amazed it can attract a lot of visitors..!
PRENA said…
I likes that blog!
And this one!
I like I like I liiiiiiikkkkkeeeeeee
Navin said…
waliz, thank you for your kind words :)
I really appreciate that
Navin said…
Prena knows that blog is sexy !!! hahahaha :) muah for your words :)

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