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Blogging ethics

Feb 29, 2008 7 comments
Somewhere on my other blog, I tried to describe a blog as , "Blogs are internet-based journals or simple abbreviated form of web-log. Some blogs are private only viewable to selected readers, mine is public. Anyone can read or more importantly register and contribute their own ideas and views."
Now, if you have cared to read this comic above, then you might have guessed, what am I writing about. It's written somewhere that every 3 seconds, a new blog comes into existence to this jumbled up wired world, and at the same ratio, blog dies too. So, it's no more a big deal to setup a blog. Looking at the comic strip above, is that the real intention of blogging?? Sad but true, bloggers have come up with this different idea. They're sort of deliberately writing things against companies which could possibly hinder the reputation and growth too. These people are not blogging in true sense, even if they are making a blog post, they are writing contents which are driven by their personal grudge and vengeance. If you've come across certain blogs, which writes bad things, only bad things about companies, would you easily believe them?

Are you a disoriented blogger??
I've come across couple of bloggers within these few days, whose motivation is to destroy the reputation of some people,place and firm. Bloggers most likely blog about what they like, even if they don't like things and end up criticizing, they maintain the level and keep themselves in a way where their criticism looks not like criticism but some deep analysis. If I read content like that, I would not have second thought at all. But when I read a post like " this company sucks because it gave me a damn care, their support sucks, they didn't pay me my due money, blah blah ". I would not care a bit about what that blog is writing about. I'm not there to read their temperaments which looks like some arrogant child complaining about. I usually visit blogs to read bloggers experience and how they are living up their life. Blogging is all about that and it really excites me to read them.

Goodwill blogging
Sometimes, I think people are misinterpreting blogging. I don't know if there are certain blogging ethics but certainly I do believe it's all about goodwill. I respect bloggers who has no devious intention to demoralize people or any firm's reputation. I respect bloggers who gives ideas and suggestions to help out of any awkward situations. These bloggers who look like they are made for help. These are the people whom I'd like to say bloggers driven by true spirit of blogging ethics.

Pay It Forward
People have become so self-centered that they are just thinking about themselves. We must come out of it. Share some love instead. Write good words about people,places and things. Your good words could bring good fortunes to others. Writing bad words, insulting others is no way going to make you feel good and proud. First lets try to find a way around, if not there is always an alternate ways.

Thanks a lot for reading my personal rants.


Mike said…
You come up with some good posts. Yeah, I never allow any negative stuff on my blogs and I don't write it either.
waliz said…
hi navin...yr post really put a sense into me...i always try to be extra careful not to offend anybody when i write my blog...and i do hope i can maintain tht...thanks for the ideas..
Navin said…
Righteous, Mike bro

Waliz, I know I'm your loyal reader too but I was surprised that your blog is silent for many days, now is the chance to read some new stuffs on your blog.. :)
Guest said…
Thanks for sharing your experience of blogging. Every thing has positive and negative side. Blog is a great platform, it has a no boundaries, we can meet different people, know about there life, country, culture, knowledge, how they think, live and lots of things. You are right “pay it forward” when I read some good positive article it makes my mind relax, that’s why I always check your blogs. It makes me clear and I forgot all my burdens. Yes there is no doubt about it you are the blogger driven by true spirit of blogging ethics. Keep it up………..
Webster Twelb said…
Ooo...this went straight to my heart oh...i'm dead..

Hmmn...i do write about bitter things..i never seem to notice it..most of my post are spontaneous and i just let them be bitter or angry they may be..etc etc...

good post though..something to think about for my next post.
Navin said…
Sameer bro, thanks a lot, for your kind words. I really really appreciate your kind words. and every words of your reply reflects the truth..
and regarding myself, I'm trying hard to be as helpful as I could be

Thanks Sameer bro..
Navin said…
Webby, you know I like your blog a lot, your personal words that's only yours and yours, is another quality of blogging.. and that's why I like your blog. You talk about your own happiness and fury. i don't think you've said bad to anyone precisely.. did ya? i don't think so..
but there are people who reveals all the precise information on the things/places/company they hate and they go on writing cheap words on them. I don't see you on it..

You are one of a blogger I think I should read to know/learn about your culture/country as Sameer bro said. You know.. :)

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